The Top 21 Saloons In CVille


If you’re looking for a place to drink and get saucy with friends, Charlottesville has boku bars to choose from. At Scoutology, we LOVE to drink, pound beers and sip cocktails! As you can imagine, our team had a blast with this “taste test” (from what we can remember!)!!

So, without further adu, here are THE TOP 21 BARS IN CVILLE!!!

(1). Citizen Burger Bar


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Citizen Burger Bar is “The People’s Burger Bar!” At Citizen Burger Bar, they believe in good food, cold drinks and common ground. Citizen Burger Bar loves the simple things like kicking back with friends, tipping back beers and enjoying some fat, juicy burgers. Visit them on the CVille Downtown Mall and get ready to experience Scoutology’s “No. 1 Bar In Charlottesville, Va!”

(2). Beer Run


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Beer Run is a craft beer bar, retail bottle shop and restaurant all-in-one. Pet friendly, kid friendly and a neighborhood hangout, Beer Run has found acclaim and popularity thanks to the most diverse beer list in CVille, awesome customer service and a menu that is literally improving everyday. At Beer Run, no one will judge you on how you dress or what you do, but ya betta believe they’ll judge you on your beer selection!!

(3). Boylan Heights


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Boylan Heights is a gourmet burger bar located on The Corner, across from UVA and the UVA Hospital. This prep-school themed, two-floor bar, features 20 large HDTVs strategically placed to maximize vantage points. The interior is contemporary, casual, clean and comfortable with plenty of seating downstairs as well as dining tables and a lounge area upstairs. Owner J.R. Hadley may be the best dressed restaurant/bar owner in CVille (it’s between Michael Lewis of Mono Loco Restaurant and Hadley of Boylan Heights/Toro’s Tacos fame)!

(4). Zocalo Restaurant


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In Latin America, the word “Zocalo” means “center of town,” or “place where people gather.” Zocalo Restaurant is located in the center of CVille on The Downtown Mall. Zocalo has been one of CVille’s most popular bars for the past decade. Zocalo may also have THE HOTTEST wait staff in CVille! Seriously, there are a bunch of super models working there, starting with owners Andrew Silver and Ivan Rekosh.

(5). Lazy Parrot Grill

lazy parrot

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Located in paradise, the Lazy Parrot Grill has some of the best booze prices in CVille. Period. We love the Lazy Parrot Grill because the wings are fat, the beer list is deep and the peeps are laid back. Plus, Kevin Kirby, the owner of the LPG and a cool dude, is an awesome supporter of CVille athletics!

(6). Rapture


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Located on CVille’s Downtown Mall, Rapture Restaurant & Night Club (R2) is at the epicenter of downtown nightlife, music and cocktails. Owners Mike Rodi and Andrew Vaughan really know how to throw a party and feature some of the top music in CVille! Plus, Al Zappa, an effervescent, bubbly bartender, says all the right things!

(7). Timberwood Grill


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Timberwood Grill is a casual, eclectic American restaurant with great food, patio seating and a constantly changing craft beer selection. Timberwood Grill is the go-to watering hole North of CVille.

(8). Miller’s Downtown


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A CVille institution for 30 years, Miller’s Downtown features live music seven nights per week with no cover charge. With more than 100 beers and a full service bar, you can bring the family to Miller’s Downtown and everyone will “get tore up from the floor up!” Be sure to enjoy the sports bar on the recently renovated third floor!

(9). The Biltmore


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A UVA legend for more than 20 years, The Biltmore is home to CVille’s only “Beach Bar” and the city’s largest outdoor patio area. Pop down Elliewood Avenue (right off of The Corner) to enjoy The Biltmore! We suggest the “thumbs ‘n toes” washed down with 16 beers!

(10). Wild Wing Cafe

wild wing

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From a sports bar standpoint, Wild Wing Cafe likely attracts the most rabid gameday fans in CVille. Locally-owned and operated, Chad Ragland (owner) knows fast cars, cold beer and how to create an awesome bar scene!

(11). The Virginian

Virginian Bar Elite Party

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The Virginian Restaurant is lauded as “one of the South’s most famous eateries” in Coy Barefoot’s book, The Corner, a history of UVA’s commercial district. This well-loved restaurant is proud to be the oldest one in town (established in 1923). The Virginian Restaurant is one of the most iconic brands in CVille.

(12). McGrady’s Irish Pub

McGrady's 1

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McGrady’s Irish Pub was founded in 2006 by Lehigh University graduates Scott Roth and JD Pfile. Now owned by Roth, who is also a superstar kickball player (seriously, that dude is nasty), McGrady’s Irish Pub is the center of CVille on St. Paddy’s Day!

(13). CommonwealthSkybar

Skybar 1

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CommonwealthSkybar is a rooftop bar situated 25-feet above the hustle of CVille’s Downtown Mall. At The CommonwealthSkybar, you’ll be enchanted by city lights, starry nights & Nick Crutchfield’s tasty libations. When you see owner Alex George (he’ll be wearing a nice button down shirt, untucked and a smile on his face) patrolling CommonwealthSkybar, give him a flying chest bump!! Alex loves those!

(14). Mas Tapas


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Conceived as an antidote for the growing fast-food presence in CVille, Mas Tapas features slow, organic, artisinal foods and wines, located in a modern setting in the lovely Belmont neighborhood. Owner Tomas Rahal has the skills to pay the bills behind the line and with a drink in his hand!

(15). The Whiskey Jar


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Classic Southern Food mostly specific to Virginia’s Piedmont region, The Whiskey Jar serves a fine selection of whiskeys. We have tried more than 20 of the whiskeys at The Whiskey Jar. Brown liquor runs through Will Richey’s (owner) veins at the same speed of culinary genious!

(16). C & O Restaurant


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C & O Restaurant is a reputable restaurant in Downtown Charlottesville just off the Downtown Mall. Going strong since 1976, C & O Restaurant offers a cozy, intimate downstairs bar that’s perfect for sipping the night away!

(17). South Street Brewery


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The South Street Brewery was founded in 1998, and is housed in the renovated H. H. Hankins Hay and Grain warehouse built in the late 1800’s. Old brick walls, hardwood floors and thick timber pillars provide a striking setting for a custom built brewhouse and a spacious, welcoming atmosphere in which to enjoy their fresh, handcrafted ales and lagers as well as seasonal fare.

(18). West Main, A Virginian Restaurant

west main

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In the heart of CVille’s Midtown District, West Main Restaurant serves up Southern-style favorites in a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. With two full bars, friendly and attentive service, and an extraordinary Sunday brunch, they’re proud to be a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike!

(19). Champion Brewing Company


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Champion Brewing Company is CVille’s second newest brewery and beer drinking establishment located at the foot of the Belmont Bridge. Their mission is to create only the highest-quality and most interesting ales for the people of Charlottesville. Champion Brewing Company is expanding its production facility and creating jobs as we type! Hunter Smith, the owner of Champion, knows beer like the Pope knows Holy Water!

(20). Mellow Mushroom


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Delicious pizza and an even better beer selection. What else is there? Not much. Visit Mellow Mushroom on the UVa Corner and get yourself 19 drinks and 7 Mighty Meaty pizza pies!

(21). Sedona Taphouse

Sedona 1

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Sedona Taphouse features serious food and more than 500 craft beers to drink! Visit Sedona Taphouse on Monday nights for their “$5 steak night for charity!” Sedona Taphouse also has an RVA location! We expect this bar to climb The Scoutology 21 quickly.

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