Top 17 Pizza Parlors in CVille, RVA, and DC


It’s time to find out who bakes the best dough in CVille, RVA & DC. We spent weeks on this “taste test” at Scoutology, and this Top 17 list was one of the toughest we’ve compiled so far. So, without further ado, here are Scoutology’s TOP 17 PIZZA PARLORS in CVille, RVA & DC!

1. Matchbox in DC


Where else can you find a steak and bacon pizza, or the delicious breakfast pizza pictured above? Matchbox uses a wood burning masonry oven and fresh in-house ingredients.

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2. Bottoms Up Pizza in RVA

bottom's up

Bottoms Up Pizza is truly a unique experience. Voted “Best Pizza” in Richmond year after year.

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3. Crozet Pizza (now on the UVA Corner) in CVille

Crozet Pizza pic

We’ve got good news for great family styled pizza-lovers. Crozet Pizza has a location in CVille! If you won’t take our word for it, try National Geographic, who rated Crozet Pizza “Best in the World”.

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4. Graffiato in DC


Graffiato has some of the most unusual and fancy pizza toppings, you’ve ever seen. They include black truffle, brussels sprouts, and calamari. Graffiato is a blend of culinary culture and flavor.

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5. Bellytimber Tavern in RVA


In the same spot as the historic Border Cafe and across from Baja Bean Co., check out the new BellyTimber Tavern and try their delicious brick oven pizzas and quality beer selection.

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6. Dr. Ho’s Humble Pie in CVille

Dr. Ho's Humble Pie

Wish fresh local ingredients and dough made from scratch, Dr. Ho’s has no reason to be humble.

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7. Ghibellina in DC


Ghibellina is known as an ” Italian Gastro Pub”. With an authentic Tuscan menu and Florence-inspired cuisine.

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8. Belmont Pizza & Pub in CVille

Belmont PizzaPub

There’s only one way to make hand-tossed pizza, and specialty subs more tempting for a student? Add a full bar! It’s not just pizza. It’s a place of gathering.

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9. & Pizza in DC


& Pizza makes classic design-your-own pizzas, with three dough choices. Don’t eat too much, though, because you MUST try the dessert pizza with Nutella sauce.

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10. Piccola’s in RVA


Piccolas has the best pizza in town, further more it is an amazing restaurant and the best place to watch a soccer match.

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11. Mellow Mushroom in CVille

Mellow Mushroom


Chill out with some delicious pizza and rich stout in a kooky and creative bar. You can build your own personal pizza and choose from a great selection of craft beers!

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12. Stuzzi in RVA


True Neopolitan pizza is so pure, there are only a handful of restaurants in the US to make it – and Stuzzi is one of them.

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13. Sal’s Caffe Italia in CVille

Sal's Caffe Italia

This family owned restaurant brings the North and South of Italy together. Don’t miss out on Happy Hour!

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14. Mary Angela’s Pizzeria in RVA


Sicilian eatery at the corner of Cary and Freeman. Great pizza, amazing subs, hella cheap prices!

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15. 2Amy’s Neapolitan Pizza in DC


For truly authentic Italian food, you have to go to 2Amy’s Neapolitan Pizzeria. 2Amy’s is a member of The Verace Pizza Napoletana Association, and makes all their pizzas up to the association’s high standards.

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16. Christian’s Pizza in CVille

Christian's Pizza

Christian’s has some really fantastic thin crust and stuffed pizzas, but you’ve try their breadsticks.

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17. Pizza Bella in CVille

Pizza Bella


Pizza Bella blends Latin, Greek, Italian, and Chicago style food, to bring you some truly unique and delicious pizza.

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