9 Best Doughnut Shops In CVille, RVA, DC


Everybody loves a great doughnut, especially when they’re made by your neighborhood doughnut shop! After some serious taste-testing, we named THE 9 BEST DOUGHNUT SHOPS in CVille, Richmond and DC. Enjoy!

Top 3 In Charlottesville



Spudnuts are so good, they don’t need a website, Facebook page or Twitter account! Get here early because this shop closes when it sells out of Spudnuts! We suggest the blueberry Spudnuts!

Carpe Donut

carpe donut

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Organic donuts and beverages, homemade from scratch. In addition to the donuts, they serve organic coffee, cioccollata (Italian style hot chocolate), and fresh mulled hot cider. Carpe Donut makes our soul shine!

Strite’s Donuts


Website | Facebook

Strite’s Donuts are some of the best we tried while researching this Top 9. We heard through the grapevine that Strite’s blueberry donuts are served in heaven!! While we can’t confirm this fact, we can tell you that we’re getting really, really turned on just by thinking of Strite’s yummy gooeyness! Really turned on. Yikes!

Top 3 In Richmond

Country Style Donuts

country style


There are regulars at Country Style Donuts that live hours away; that’s how good they are. Deliciously addictive since 1968, Country Style Donuts are known up-and-down the Eastern Seaboard!

Dixie Donuts


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A quaint doughnut shop, Dixie Donuts are THE BOMB!! The selections are endless and the doughnuts fresh and tasty. Be sure to try the cake doughnut! Be sure to bring some home!

Sugar Shack Donuts


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The Sugar Shack has great variety, which changes throughout the day. The doughnuts are uniquely addicting and fly out of the building! When you visit The Sugar Shack, you’re taking a quick trip to Yum City!

Top 3 In Washington DC

Astro Doughnuts

Astro Donut-003

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Serving classic and modern interpretations of two distinctly different, yet equally comforting all-American classics – fried chicken and doughnuts. Astro Doughnuts are bodacious and bonafide!



Website | Facebook | Twitter

A casual & lively neighborhood spot serving up fried chicken & fresh, homemade doughnuts. Open early. Open late. Open for any-sized appetite. GBD is slap-your-momma good!

District Doughnut

a district donut

District Doughnut serves a selection of both classic and international-inspired gourmet doughnuts to match the modern sophistication of Washington DC with an American tradition. District Doughnut is the United Nations of circular, sweet cakes!! They rock!

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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