Top 5 Best Dressed Restaurant Owners (Male) In CVille


Not only are these guys “The Face of The Franchise” at their respective restaurants, they also embody the kind of swag you see in a Jay-Z video. Yep, these dudes know clothes like Halsey Minor knows mortgage default. So, without further ado, here are Scoutology’s “Top 5 Best Dressed Restaurant Owners (Male)!”

1. Michael Lewis, Mono Loco Restaurant + Poco Loco

Restaurant Owner No. 1 Michael Lewis
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Accessories are the name of the game for Michael Lewis. Whether he’s wearing a ball cap, pimp-daddy sunglasses, multi-colored sweatbands or dishing out his famous Mono Loco stickers, you know Michael is living the baller lifestyle!

2. JR Hadley, Boylan Heights + Toro’s Tacos

Restaurant Owner No. 2 Hadley29 use this one
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JR’s prep-school themed restaurant matches his threads of choice, except on gamedays, when you’ll see JR sporting a new Pittsburgh Steelers or University of Virginia ensemble any given weekend.

3.Andrew Vaughan, Rapture

Restaurant Owner No. 3 Andrew Vaughan

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A serial entrepreneur, Andrew has an affinity for Ray Ban shades and the coolest jackets he can find. When you see Andrew on The Downtown Mall, he will likely have an Apple product in tow and his gorgeous wife by his side!

4. Brice Cunningham, Tempo Restaurant

Restaurant Owner No. 4 Brice Cunningham
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This Paris-born culinary genius has European swagger and a Southern gentlemen’s polish. From his gorgeous Mercedes Benz to perfectly pressed attire, Brice embodies panache and flair!

5. Alex George CommonwealthSkybar + Just Curry

Restaurant Owner No. 5 Alex George CommonwealthSkybar + Just Curry
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With South American and Caribbean influences, Alex George prefers a sharp, button-down shirt for cool comfort. Alex’s wardrobe allows for easy transitioning between the casual Just Curry and the sexy CommonwealthSkybar.

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