Top 14 Sandwich Shops In CVille, RVA, DC


Sure, our team at Scoutology is 12 pounds heavier after all these tasty sammies. Hey, it’s one of the drawbacks of the job, but we’re all living large (literally, not figuratively)!

Let’s get straight to it: Scoutology’s Top 14 Sandwich Shops in CVille, RVA & DC!!!

(1). Taylor Gourmet in DC


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Taylor Gourmet use the best ingredients: the perfect roll; salamis, prosciuttos, cheeses, handmade meatballs; roasted turkey, beef and pork. In doing so, they bring you the best possible hoagie! Taylor Gourmet is proud to be Scoutology’s No. 1 Sandwich shop in CVille, RVA & DC.

(2). The Black Sheep in RVA



Amazing and unique sandwiches (with cute names) and a quirky atmosphere, just a lovable oddity, like its namesake. The Black Sheep slides in at No. 2 on the Scoutology Top 14 Sandwich Shops. We also suggest The Black Sheep’s brunch. It’s Yum City!

(3). Littlejohn’s Deli in CVille

The Sampson sub

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Everything about Littlejohn’s is of the highest quality! From their meats and cheeses, to their house-made salads and baked goods, Littlejohn’s makes all its grub in-house, which keeps it super-fresh! Littejohn’s has served UVa students, faculty and fans for decades.

(4). Garnett’s Cafe in RVA


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This mouthwatering Grilled Florentine with Irish cheddar, is brought to you by Garnett’s Cafe. They have a homey atmosphere and $3 happy hour snacks. Garnett’s has also been voted Style Weekly‘s Best of Richmond. Garnett’s Cafe is an easy Top 5 Sandwich Shop in CVille, RVA and DC!

(5). SUNdeVICH in DC


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A globally inspired menu, SUNdeVICH serves a wide range of international flavors. Every sandwich is named after an international city. We love SUNdeVICH because everytime we visit, we try something new!

(6). Breadline in DC


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Breadline is housed in a 3,500 square foot open bakery, where customers can watch everything being made by the bakers & cooks. At Breadline, they make the food fresh, everyday. From breads & cookies, to soups & salads and even their lemonade! Breadline knows bread, meat and cheese. In other words, Breadline knows sandwiches!

(7). Fast Gourmet in DC

fast gourmet

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Fast Gourmet is a place where you will find tasteful dishes on the go to satisfy your hunger. Are you tired of crappy sandwiches? If you are, visit Fast Gourmet and try some of the best sammies in DC!

(8). Chiocca’s in RVA

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Cold beer, cozy environment and the meatiest sandwiches in RVA. Seriously, if you are a meat-lover, you won’t be disappointed.

(9). West Main in CVille

Monte Cristo sandwich

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In the heart of Charlottesville’s historic Midtown district, West Main serves up Southern-style favorites in a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. West Main’s Monte Cristo Sandwich (pictured) is easily one of The Best sandwiches in Virginia!

(10). The Italian Store in DC

italian store

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Owned and operated by the Tramonte family for over 30 years, these guys know gourmet sandwiches. Just look at that pic! We love when the fixings curve inside the bread like that!

(11). Coppola’s Deli in RVA


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Copploa’s has imported cheeses, homemade marinara, all in a sweet little corner cafe. Wash it all down with the finest Italian wines. This sandwich spot has so much heart!

(12). Bellair Market in CVille


The Ednam sandwich



Bellair Market features a great array of food and beverages. Their signature French bread sandwiches truly make lunch a joyful experience! It may look like a gas station; don’t let it fool ya! Bellair Market is on every CVille Foodies short-list!

(13). Nick’s International Foods in RVA


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Nick’s has authentic Mediterranean and cheeses, wines, meats and other ingredients imported from European and Middle Eastern nations like Italy and Greece. You will try something new and something delicous at Nick’s!

(14). The College Inn in CVille

Chicken Parmigiana sandwich

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Located in “The Corner” district at the heart of UVa, The College Inn has been serving awesome sandwiches at exceptional value since 1950. The Meatball Sub & Chicken Parm Sub are two of the best sandwiches in CVille. Ask a UVa student or UVa graduate, “What’s College Inn’s phone number?” They will answer in seconds, “977-2710!” Yes, it that’s good!

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