20 Great East Coast Beers To Try


1. The Shirtless Horseman Russian Imperial Stout, Denizens Brewing Co; MD


1115 E West Hwy, Silver Spring, MD
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Denizens Brewing Co FB Page

This stout has a bold blend of aromas and flavors from the dark malts. Notes of dark chocolate, dark roast coffee, and toffee permeate the complex flavor profile stemming from the ten different malts used in the recipe.

2. Dead Sexy Scottish, Terminal Brewhouse; TN


6 E 14th St, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Terminal Brewhouse FB Page

This deep amber brew has just the right amount of malt sweetness with enough bittering hop in the end to balance the malty goodness (anyone who says the Scots don’t use hops will get their face smashed off their face!) Just relax, and pour a pint of this 80 shilling beauty into yer huge heed!

3. Freedom Isn’t Free, Heritage Brewing Co.; VA


9436 Center Point Ln, Manassas, Virginia
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Heritage Brewing Co. FB Page

This IPA is a representation of the powerful American hopped pales that we all love and cherish. As we cherish the freedom we hold dear to us, let us rise our pints to those who have paid for it and those who still protect it. God bless the USA.

4. The IPA, Community Beer Works; NY

the ipa

15 Lafayette Ave, Buffalo, New York
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Community Beer Works FB Page

Simcoe and Galaxy hops are melded with a honeyed malt base to produce a libation of eyebrow-arching and cackling goodness. The nose yields honeydew, bright pit fruit and a note of dank earth, while the flavor adds unrelenting bitterness with just enough relief in the long finish from grainy, slightly sweet malts.

5. Vanilla Oatmeal Stout, Big Ditch Brewing Company; NY


55 E Huron St, Buffalo, New York
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Big Ditch Brewing Company FB Page

This winter seasonal is considerably roasty, reminiscent of coffee, from the roasted barley used, and is full bodied from the gobs of oatmeal added to the mash. Right before they package the beer, they add a precise amount of extracted vanilla, which they make at the brewery themselves using only the finest Grade A Mexican vanilla beans. The result is a delicious and hearty brew that will warm you up on many a snowy evening.

6. Chestnut Street Brown Ale, Growlers; MD


227 E Diamond Ave, Gaithersburg, MD
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Growlers

Southern English style brown ale. Malty sweet with a rich caramel character. Moderately fruity with no hop aroma or flavor. Appearance is dark brown. Low in alcohol, so it’s an easy to enjoy session beer. Caramel and dark fruit complexity of malt flavor.

7. Tarrasque, Wiseacre Brewing Company; TN


2783 Broad Ave, Memphis, Tennessee
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Wiseacre Brewing Company FB Page

This saison leans French but is loaded with Australian hops. Superfruity, blossoming with yeasty spicy aromas, Tarasque is a beast you will want to overcome you, but it will softly sing you to sleep instead.

8. Hi-Wire Brewing; NC


197 Hilliard Ave, Asheville, NC
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Hi-Wire Brewing FB Page

This brown ale is crafted as an ode to the traditional English brown. Its delicate body allows the flavors of caramel and toffee from their specialty malts to come to life.

9. Black Ox, Old Ox Brewery; VA


44652 Guilford Dr Suite 114, Ashburn, VA
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Old Ox Brewery FB Page

A robust rye porter with hints of coffee and chocolate nicely balanced with a subtle hop influence. A substantial, malty ale… complex and flavorful with a medium body and a slightly roasty finish. The rich dark color is deceptively refreshing… the spice in the rye clears the palate. A sip will explain why we say this is a delightful combination of sweet and spicy!

10. Brown Ale, Saw Works Brewing Company; TN


708 E Depot Ave, Knoxville, TN
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Saw Works Brewing Company FB Page

A medium bodied English Brown Ale, starting off with a sweet aroma that reflects the chocolate malts as it first rolls across your tongue. This quickly changes as the dark toffee flavors begin to play with the spicy and earthy hop characteristics. It finishes dry and the hops linger on the palate as you ready the glass again.

11. Fuggin Nutty, BadWolf Brewing Company; VA


9776 Center St., Manassas, VA 20110
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: untappd.com

Fuggin Nutty is a delicious nut brown ale brewed with Fuggle hops.

12. Edinbrüe, Brüeprint Brewing Company; NC


1229 Perry Rd, Apex, NC
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Brüeprint Brewing Company FB Page

This unique, frisky scotch ale packs a “wee-heavy-punch” with a smooth malty taste!

13. Riverbank Red, Ghost River Brewing; TN


Memphis, TN
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Ghost River Brewing FB Page

Ghost River Riverbank Red is a caramel, malty-flavored beer, balanced with a crisp hop finish. Originally brewed for the Memphis Redbirds.

14. Twisted Stump Porter, Soaring Ridge Craft Brewers; VA


523 Shenandoah Ave NW, Roanoke, Virginia
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Soaring Ridge Craft Brewers FB Page

An exceptional classic Porter with imperial strength. Two row barley, chocolate, caramel and black malts make a rich tasting, dark ale with big time chocolate, caramel and nut flavors. Too good to put down so please pace yourselves with this full bodied beer.

15. Dark Star Stout, Backshore Brewing Company; MD


913 Atlantic Ave, Ocean City, Maryland
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Backshore Brewing Company FB Page

A big American Stout with perhaps one of our most complex grain bills ever utilizing eight different malts. It’s bold, roasted, and chocolaty flavors comes from a combination of malts such as Crystal 60, Crystal 120, Chocolate, Black Patent, and Roasted Barley to name a few.

16. Replicator, Finback Brewery; NY


78-01 77th Ave, Queens, New York
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Finback Brewery FB Page

This is a Black Rye “Pale Ale” dry hopped with Ahtanum and Citra. A little roast, a lot of hops. Citrus, dank, floral, juicy goodness.

17. Tea Party Porter, White Rabbit Brewery; NC


219 Fish Dr, Angier, North Carolina
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: White Rabbit Brewery FB Page

A superb vanilla porter, an ale which is surprisingly light bodied for its robust flavor and has all the chocolate and roasted nut flavors you would expect in a porter but with a special vanilla twist at the end. They use the worlds finest hand selected vanilla beans in their recipe. The malty and vanilla sweetness are perfectly balanced with hoppy bitterness.

18. Blood Orange Pale Ale, Great South Bay Brewery; NY


25 Drexel Drive, Bay Shore, NY
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: beerpulse.com

Blood Orange Pale Ale starts with the finest quality malted barley and American hops. They then infuse the beer with blood oranges to add the bittersweet flavor that rounds out this remarkably well balanced pale ale.

19. Nippy Lil’ Bugger, Big Lick Brewing Company; VA


135 Salem Avenue, Roanoke, VA
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Big Lick Brewing Company FB Page

It’s gettin’cold outside! This spiced winter warmer should help take the edge off. Designed to resemble an oatmeal raisin cookie, just in liquid form. Amber in color, with rich malt flavors. Vanilla bean, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon provide the spice background. Happy Holidays!

20. #42, Galaxy Brewing Company; New York


41 Court St, 153 & 157 Washington St, Binghamton, New York
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Galaxy Brewing Company FB Page

This is their version of the classic English style of beer called Bitter, or Extra Special Bitter (ESB). DON’T PANIC! Compared to an IPA, “Bitter” is a bit of a misnomer, and this beer goes down easy. Brewed with Maris Otter heirloom malt, and Golding and Fuggle hops, this great session beer is full of flavor.

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