Top 10 Ice Cream Parlors In The Northeast


1. Big Gay Ice Cream; NYC

61 Grove St (7th Ave S), NYC | 125 E 7th St (Ave A & 1st Ave), NYC
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Big Gay Ice Cream’s soft-serve flavors are as delightful as their names. The “American Globs” is a chocolate dipped, vanilla cone with sea salt and pretzels!

2. Page Dairy Mart; Pittsburgh

4600 East Carson St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Page Dairy Mart is a family owned soft serve place with flavors like black cherry and peach peanut. They also have original sundaes like cinnamon bun and apple dumpling.


3. Momofuku Milk Bar; Brooklyn

382 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, New York
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Momofuku Milk Bar offers cookies, cake truffles, pies, cakes, buns and seasonal soft serve like cinnamon pineapple.

4. Franklin Fountain; Philadelphia

116 Market St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Franklin Fountain is a fun old fashioned soda fountain with historical flavors like teaberry gum and original soda concoctions!

5. The Charmery; Baltimore

801 W 36th St, Baltimore, Maryland
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The Charmery features one of a kind flavors like Old Bay caramel and chai coconut cookie.

6. Toscanini’s; Cambridge

899 Main St, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Toscanini’s has been Boston Magazine’s “Best Of Boston” ice cream place for three years in a row! The serve tea cake and ice cream flavors like coffee Nutella and salty saffron.

7. Oh Yeah! Ice Cream & Coffee; Pittsburgh

232 S Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Oh Yeah! Ice Cream & Coffee specializes in unique ice cream flavors, coffee and waffles.

8. Capogiro Gelato Artisans; Philadelphia

119 S 13th Street– 117 S 20th Street — 1625 E Passyunk Avenue — 3925 Walnut St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Capogiro Gelato Artisans serves excellent Italian lunch foods, wines, beer and gelato. Their flavors include Champagne mango, golden margarita and Saigon cinnamon.

9. Cabot’s Ice Cream; Newton

743 Washington St, Newton, Massachusetts
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Cabot’s Ice Cream offers a full menu as well as ice cream, floats, malts and frozen yogurt.


10. Pitango Gelato; Baltimore

802 South Broadway, Fells Point, Baltimore, MD 21231
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Pitango Gelato serves organic gelato in flavors like black tea, cardamom and Sicilian almond.

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