Top 20 Mid-Atlantic Breweries To Check Out


1. Smoky Mountain Brewery; Knoxville, TN

smoky mtn

Knoxville, TN
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Smoky Mountain Brewery FB Page

Smoky Mountain Brewery is one of the largest working micro breweries in the state of TN.

2. Crossroads Brewing Company; Athens, NY


21 Second St, Athens, New York
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Crossroads Brewing Company

This 7 barrel brew house is always busy keeping their 10 taps flowing, and doing the brewing is their award winning Head Brewer Hutch Kugeman.

3. Terminal Brewhouse; Chattanooga, TN


6 E 14th St, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Terminal Brewhouse FB Page

Only the freshest foods and finest hops make it into the Terminal and our passion is that only world-class beer and exceptional food make it to your table.

4. Altamont Brewing Company; Asheville, NC


1042 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Altamont Brewing Company FB Page

Altamont Brewing Company is a brewery and full bar featuring great beers, cocktails, live music and good local people.

5. Community Beer Works; Buffalo, NY


15 Lafayette Ave, Buffalo, New York
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Community Beer Works FB Page

Buffalo’s first nanobrewery, making very (very) small batches of damn good beer.

6. Growlers; Gaithersburg, MD


227 E Diamond Ave, Gaithersburg, MD
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Growlers FB Page

Growlers of Gaithersburg is a restaurant and microbrewery located in the heart of Olde Towne Gaithersburg, MD. Growlers features great food, excellent home brew, and always entertaining live shows.

7. Depot Street Brewing; Jonesborough, TN


904 Depot St, Jonesborough, Tennessee
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Depot Street Brewing FB Page

For the taste that is sure to be satisfying and right on time, make your next stop a tastefully engineered beer from Depot Street Brewing.

8. Hi-Wire Brewing; Asheville, NC


197 Hilliard Ave, Asheville, NC
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Hi-Wire Brewing FB Page

Hi-Wire strives to be as independent and authentic as possible, while maintaining an approachability to their beers.

9. Resurgence Brewing Company; Buffalo, NY


1250 Niagara St, Buffalo, New York
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Resurgence Brewing Company FB Page

Resurgence Brewing Company is a brewery & beer garden located on the West Side of Buffalo. The goal is to bring a memorable “beer experience” to the drinkers of the greater Buffalo region, whether at home, in a favorite bar, or at the brewery.

10. Ruddy Duck Brewery; Dowell, MD


13200 Dowell Rd, Dowell, MD
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Ruddy Duck Brewery FB Page

Ruddy Duck Brewery is a vibrant space paired with artisan crafted food and beer, delivered with passion.

11. Saw Works Brewing Company; Knoxville, TN

saw works

708 E Depot Ave, Knoxville, TN
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Saw Works Brewing Company FB Page

Located in the old Wallace Saw Works building (hence the name), SawWorks Brewing is located in Knoxville, Tennessee’s Warehouse District, just outside the Old City/Downtown area. They might be in an out-of-the-way part of town, but then again, they go out of their way to make great handcrafted beers.

12. Denizens Brewing Co; Silver Spring, MD


1115 E West Hwy, Silver Spring, MD
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Denizens Brewing Co FB Page

An urban craft brewery steps from the metro in downtown Silver Spring, MD. Innovating for the uninhibited denizens of the world.

13. Brüeprint Brewing Company; Apex, NC


1229 Perry Rd, Apex, NC
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Brüeprint Brewing Company FB Page

Better than a recipe, a brewing “blueprint” combines science and great culinary skill to create a Brüeprint.

14. Finback Brewery; Queens, NY


78-01 77th Ave, Queens, New York
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Finback Brewery FB Page

Finback Brewery is born from a passion for brewing and experimentation. The aim is to make great beer following their passion for flavor and complexity from quality ingredients and small batch artisanal brewing. They brew fun, unique beers made for enjoyment.

15. Wiseacre Brewing Company; Memphis, TN


2783 Broad Ave, Memphis, Tennessee
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Wiseacre Brewing Company FB Page

Wiseacre Brewing Company is a craft brewery committed to top quality, uniquely flavorful beer that appeals to passionate & progressive people through education & good times.

16. Old Ox Brewery; Ashburn, VA

old ox

44652 Guilford Dr Suite 114, Ashburn, VA
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Old Ox Brewery FB Page

Old Ox is a family owned and operated commercial brewery. Their family works together. Plays together. Celebrates together. Faces life’s obstacles together. They’ve founded the brewery on hard work and a commitment to the community.

17. Big Alice Brewing; Long Island City, NY

big alice

8-08 43rd Rd, Long Island City, New York
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Big Alice Brewing FB Page

Big Alice Brewing is a Long Island City neighborhood nano-brewery offering unique and distinctly flavorful beers. Working at “Nano” scale means that Big Alice Brewing can continually experiment providing an ever evolving line of artisanal beers made in small batches in its local Queens brewery.

18. Ghost River Brewing; Memphis, TN


Memphis, TN
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Ghost River Brewing FB Page

Ghost River Brewing brews handcrafted, full-flavored ales available in over 80 bars and restaurants.

19. Old Glade Brewery; Glade Spring, VA

old glade

217 Town Square St, Glade Spring, VA
Website | Facebook | Photo: Old Glade Brewery FB Page

Old Glade Brewery is a brewery focusing on artistically crafted products.

20. Milkhouse Brewery; Mount Airy, MD


8253 Dollyhyde Rd, Mount Airy, MD
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Milkhouse Brewery FB Page

Milkhouse Brewery at Stillpoint Farm is Maryland’s first Farm Brewery under Maryland’s new law. They carefully hand craft fine beers with ingredients grown on our farm in Frederick County, Maryland.

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