10 Mid-Atlantic White Wines For Summertime


1. 2012 Stainless Steel Aged Chardonnay, Brooklyn Winery


213 N 8th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Brooklyn Winery FB Page

Light in color but intense in aromatics and flavor. Essence of grapefruit, fresh picked strawberries and wet fresh water river stones along with hits of honeydew melon and white peach. Very well balanced with bright acidity and creamy texture.

2. 2008 Blanc de Blanc, Trump Winery


100 Grand Cru Dr, Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Trump Winery FB Page

The nose begins with pear and moves into a biscuity aroma. The long and creamy finely-beaded mouth feel is perfectly balanced with crisp acidity. The palate reveals beautiful grapefruit and lemon along with subtle hints of pastries.

3. Southern Roots, Slack Wines


16040 Woodlawn Ln, Ridge, Maryland 20680
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Slack Wines FB Page

Southern Roots is as rich as a classic Sauternes, with the richness of honey and apricots imparted but lower sugar. Wow, what a lovely wine.

4. 2013 Viognier, Jefferson Vineyards


1353 Thomas Jefferson Pkwy, Charlottesville, VA 22902
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Jefferson Vineyards FB Page

Aromas of peach, honeysuckle and grilled pineapple fill the nose, while the palate evokes the essence of soft peach, kiwi, and lime. This wine pairs well with grilled seafood or spicy Thai.

5. 2013 Sauvignon Blanc, Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards


5022 Plank Rd, North Garden, Virginia 22959
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards FB Page

2013 Sauvignon Blanc offers a balanced, nuanced sense of fruit forward with slight essence of herbs and great nose.

6. 1634 Chardonnay, Port of Leonardtown Winery


23190 Newtowne Neck Rd, Leonardtown, Maryland 20650
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Port of Leonardtown Winery

This full-bodied wine has a luxurious mouthfeel that pairs well with baked Maryland seafood, pestos, creamy pastas, or risotto.

7. 2013 V2, Keswick Vineyards


1575 Keswick Winery Dr, Keswick, VA 22947
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Keswick Vineyards FB Page

Straw in color, the nose is quite tropical with papaya and mango aromas being especially dominant.

8. 2012 Cayuga White, Fridays Creek Winery


3485 Chaneyville Road, Owings, MD 20736
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Fridays Creek Winery FB Page

A Crisp and well balanced wine with the aromas and subtle fruit flavors of apricot and fig.

9. Chloche, Wisdom Oak Winery


3613 Walnut Branch Ln, North Garden, VA 22959
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Jerry B. Bias – twitter.com

The very embodiment of summer. Go on, take a sip. Lose yourself in its bright, almost effervescent acidity, which persists as its palate unfolds, revealing notes of grapefruit, eucalyptus and pineapple that’ll blow comfort-waist pants clean off.

10. Chardonnay, Running Hare Vineyard


150 Adelina Rd, Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678
Website | Facebook | Photo: Running Hare Vineyard

Running Hare Vineyard’s Chardonnay is crafted with minimal oak influence, to allow the bright fruit characteristics of the Chardonnay grape to shine through. Fresh citrus and pear aromas lead to a nicely balanced and smooth expression in your mouth.

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