Soul-Ice Vending: Inspiring Through Empowerment, Stewardship & Synergy


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What makes it Soul-Ice is like the time honored story of soul-food. African- Americans gave food their own personal touches in recipes, flavoring, and presentation of the food to give it a unique experience for the consumer.

The “soul” in soul-food is just that, a part of who you are. You put your love, peace, and joy into the development of the meal. Well such is so for Soul-Ice, the frozen dessert. It is not just who they are, it’s how they do it!

soul ice vendorTheir approach is to mix the over 26 frozen dessert flavors to create names of desserts that bring back the memories of treats you had as a child. You remember creamsicle and the bomb-pop? With the Soul-Ice, you are able to get creative by mixing the ice with fruits.

Try their mango ice mixed with fresh watermelon and/or strawberries; or thier pina-colada ice mixed with fresh pineapples; getting the picture?

“It’s not just who we are, it’s how we do it!”

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