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Ike'sIke’s Cookies
New York, New York 10016
(347) 389-4537
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Everyone deserves a freshly baked cookie. That’s the idea that got Ike’s started.

Ike’s Cookies is a little cookie company with big ideas about good food, good causes, and good hearts.

Every new customer who visits Ike’s Cookies becomes a part of what Ike’s is about: honesty, generosity, and goodness.

Nothing is more important to Ike’s than the quality of the ingredients. That’s why they make sure to know where they come from and what goes into them.

They work exclusively with local and organic suppliers, farms, and mills to make Ike’s the very best cookies they can be. There are no preservatives, stabilizers, or other weird stuff. So all their great ingredients, packed with natural flavor, shine through.

And there’s one last ingredient that’s pretty important to them: care. They love making cookies. And they love to share them. And although it may not show up in the ingredient lists or nutrition labels, they think you’ll be able to tell the first time you bake one.


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