Top 7 Blue Mountain Brewery Beers


bm_logo2Blue Mountain Brewery
9519 Critzer Shop Rd
Afton, VA 22920
(540) 456-8020
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1. Evil 8° Belgian-Style Dubbel Ale

Evil 8

A truly spiritual ale, Evil 8° will blur the lines of what you think you know about American beer. Brewed in the Belgian Abbey style using caramelized Biscuit malt, Goldings hops and a unique strain of brewers’ yeast. Available January-April.

2. Dark Hollow Artisanal Ale

dark hollow

Dark Hollow blends the miracle of two crafts– brewing and distillation– to create a work greater than the sum of its parts. An Imperial Stout has been aged in charred American oak bourbon barrels still dripping with uncut whiskey. For 100 days the young beer patiently breathes in and out of the wood, gaining complexity, character, and serious attitude. Can be enjoyed immediately, or five years later, when you dust off the last vintage bottle from your cellar to share with good company. Available as long as each batch lasts, November-April.

3. Lights Out Holiday Ale

lights out

Blue Mountain Brewery’s holiday Old Ale features a deep malt flavor and earthy hop spiciness given by whole-flower Willamette hops. A range of English crystal malts come forward and, combined with rolled oats, finish with a medium-bodied texture. Available October-December.

4. Mandolin Artisanal Ale


A pale beer born of a single malt. Balance derived from whole-flower hops. Created from water drawn deep beneath the feet of the world’s oldest mountains. Flavor driven by a faithful dedication to excess. All brought to life by yeast from a holy place. Great beer is a riddle that does not need to be solved!
Available as long as each batch lasts, March-July.

5. Kölsch 151


A light German-style ale indigenous to Cologne. This ale is treated like a lager, undergoing extensive cold aging to produce a clean, crisp beer. German Pilsen and Vienna malts and Hallertau region hops lend a balanced flavor to Blue Mountain Brewery’s lightest beer.

6. Full Nelson Pale Ale

full nelson

Bursting with local hop flavor, the Blue Mountain Brewery flagship Virginia Pale Ale features their own farm-grown Cascade variety hops as one of the key ingredients. A strong malt backbone gives this ale a rich taste and vibrant copper color, while the generous addition of hops contribute a pronounced bitterness and floral, citrus aroma.

7. Blue Mountain Lager


This authentic Continental-style beer is brewed with 2-row malts and noble hops, then cold fermented and lagered for six glorious weeks. Experience the full, balanced malt flavor.

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