Top 5 Bakeries In Roanoke


1. Bubblecake

2 LOCATIONS in Roanoke, Virginia
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Bubblecake has adorably delicious cupcakes like raspberry creme brulee as well as their new personal pies. They’re so cute!

2. Viva La Cupcake

1302 Grandin RD SW, Roanoke, Virginia 24015
Facebook | Website | Photo: Viva La Cupcake FB Page

Viva La Cupcake has amazing and inventive cupcakes. Their After Five Line of boozy themed cupcakes are especially fun!

3. Bread Craft

106 South Jefferson Street, Roanoke, Virginia 24010
Facebook | Website | Photo: Bread Craft FB Page

Bread Craft truly sees their work as a craft. They serve artistically crafted and deliciously unique baked goods and breakfast foods.

4. On The Rise Bakery

303 Market St., Roanoke, Virginia 24011
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On The Rise Bakery is the perfect place to go for sandwiches and sweets. They have soups, pizza, salad, artisan bread, muffins, cakes and cookies.

5. EURO Bakery

32 MARKET SQUARE SE, Roanoke, Virginia 24011
Facebook | Photo: EURO Bakery FB Page

EURO Bakery is a great stop for lunch. You can start out with a burek pastry with is filled with mozzarella and ham, beef or spinach and finish off with an eclair.

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