Station 2: Historic Firehouse Is Now A Restaurant


Station_2-1Station 2
2016 East Main St.
Richmond, Virginia 23223
(804) 249-4702
Facebook | Website

Station 2 offers gourmet burgers, craft beers, wine, spirits, and a relaxed atmosphere. Both our food and drink menus highlight the best of what Virginia has to offer.

Station_2-2Located in an historic downtown firehouse, Station 2 is part of a revitalized and redefined Richmond landscape.

Station 2 was constructed in the former home of Engine Company 2. Built in 1899, the building housed Richmond’s second city owned fire house.

station_2_burgerAfter moving from 2025 East Main Street, Engine Company 2 was kept in service at 2016 East Main Street until 1962, when a modern fire house replaced this location.

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