Spotlight: Amizetta Winery In Napa Valley


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Amizetta and Spencer Clark moved to the Napa Valley with one dream, to grow and make world class wines. They knew that many of the world’s top wines were produced from hillside vineyards in Europe. With this in mind, they scoured the Napa Valley for vineyard property and after intensive searching in 1979, Amizetta and Spencer found their perfect vineyard site.

The property is a steep and rocky 40 acre parcel with southern facing slopes at the tail end of Howell Mountain. With an elevation reaching over 1,000 feet, its beauty is matched only by its views of Lake Hennessey and the Napa Valley. The soil consists of dark red and brown strata with huge rock outcroppings. Amizetta and Spencer knew right away, this was the ideal location for growing world class Cabernets and Bordeaux varietals from traditional hillside terraces.

amizetta viewSpencer decided that the best way to compliment his new vineyard site was to name it after the love of his life. His wife was flattered and they named the property Amizetta (pronounced ahm-ah-zet-uh)Vineyards. Amizetta is a name passed down through the family over 15 generations. It comes from a Native American background and means “little friend.”

Since the original plantings at Amizetta Vineyards, Napa Valley has consistently regulated and even stopped hillside development. This is being done to help preserve natural mountain views around the valley. The halting of hillside development has made Amizetta Vineyards a unique and coveted property. It is one of the few terraced hillside vineyards in the Napa Valley. This type of hillside farming produces extremely rare old world mountain fruit. A taste of the wines extracted from these special vineyards will surely impress your palate.

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