Delaplane Cellars: Meticulous Care


delaplane1Delaplane Cellars
2187 Winchester Road
Delaplane, VA 20144-1734
(540) 592-7210
Open Thu-Mon (11am-5pm).
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Delaplane Cellars is a small boutique winery focused on hand-crafted, artisanal wines made from some of the most meticulously managed small vineyards in the region.

delaplane1Jim and Betsy Dolphin: Jim began his obsession with making wine in 1998 as a home winemaker and by 2005 he was making 28 different wines in the basement of their home. It was time to make the step and find land to grow grapes and start living the dream. After an exhaustive search of land in several counties the current location of the vineyards and winery was purchased in 2007. Jim immediately began reaching out to Virginia growers to purchase fruit. Criteria was important to him in that no grapes were purchased from a vineyard that was also making wine and the vineyard management had to meet the standards for making outstanding wine: low yields and meticulous viticulture management. Jim and Betsy have worked together on every phase of the development of Delaplane Cellars over the past 7 years and are still married today.

Jessica Huseby: A flight attendant on furlough looking for something interesting to do quickly became the Tasting Room Manager. Her training as a flight attendant made her the perfect candidate for this position. Cool and calm under pressure with incredible customer service skills. In addition to her responsibilities at Tasting Room Manager she also oversees the wine club program and shipping.

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