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DC’s first mobile pizza kitchen! Baking up fun and Thin Crust pizza on the go.

DC Slices is a mobile pizza kitchen bringing great pizza to Washingtonians, tourists, and anyone that loves a fresh, hot slice.

DC SLICES TRUCKThey use fresh rolled dough, homemade sauce, hand grated cheeses, flavorful toppings: their pizza is baked right inside the truck and served to you as it comes out of the oven. Look for DC Slices at lunchtime and late night! Check their Facebook page to find out where they are located today.

The DC Slices team is truly passionate about pizza. Don’t believe us? Read their bios.

Tommy 2 Toppings has been a DC street vendor for 15 years. His love affair with pizza began in Northeast Philadelphia, where he grew up eating as much tomato pie as his mom would allow. Tom’s wiry build belies how much pizza he actually eats: thin crust, deep dish, cold pizza for breakfast, fancy foodie pizza, run of the mill delivery, and, especially, a late night slice when he’s had one too many Yuenglings. DC Slices is his occupation and avocation.

DC SLICES PIZZASwade-O (Sway-Dough) is an adept airman, a neophyte sailor, and intrepid world traveler. He is, perhaps, more wanderer than navigator. In any case, he’s eaten pizza in 26 countries. Now he’ll be wandering through your DC neighborhood behind the wheel of a kickass pizza truck. DC Slices is his relaxation and good vibration.

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