9 Nashville Beers To Try This Fall


1. Wicket Gate, Black Abbey Brewing Company


2952 Sidco Dr, Nashville, Tennessee 37204
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Black Abbey Brewing Company

Dark and complex, this American stout exhibits classic roast, chocolate and creamy characteristics derived from oats, flaked barley and British malts. When your heart is heavy and in great need, enter here! Sweetness waits beyond the Wicket Gate. Pairs well with roast, stew and savory sauces.

2. Sly Rye Porter, Yazoo Brewing Company


910 Division St, Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: beerstreetjournal.com

One of their most sought-after beers! A rich, chocolatey English Porter with a clean finish. Using only the finest malts, a portion of malted Rye gives a spicy, slightly dry finish.

3. Stax Black Lager, Little Harpeth Brewing


30 Oldham St, Nashville, Tennessee 37213
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Little Harpeth Brewing FB Page

Stax is light in every way but its color. The blended beer gets its roasty flavor from dark roast malts and its bready backbone from light-colored American base malts. Low hopping and two separate special ferments blend together to make a refreshing black beer that finishes clean and makes you want more.

4. Bearwalker Maple Brown Ale, Jackalope Brewing Company


701 8th Ave S, Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Jackalope Brewing Company

Pure maple syrup is infused during the conditioning phase, and is noticeable from start to finish. Chocolate malts add roasted notes to the flavor and aroma. It is also more highly hopped than most browns to create a balanced, yet complex brew.

5. Java Jane, Fat Bottom Brewing


900 Main St, Nashville, Tennessee 37206
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Fat Bottom Brewing

Balanced dark malts, a sweet finish, and intense cold-brewed coffee flavor makes Jane stand out of the crowd. Special thanks to Drew’s Brews for providing locally-roasted beans for this beer.

6. St. Charles Porter, Blackstone Restaurant & Brewery


1918 W End Ave, Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: www.ajaxturner.com

Deep garnet color with a creamy tan head, the aroma has hints of dark chocolate, roasted malt and burnt toffee, with a taste of roasted malt and notes of bittersweet chocolate, raisins and smoky coffe-like character. This beer is chock full of complex flavors, yet it’s very well balanced.

7. Midtown Brown, Boscos Restaurant & Brewing Co.


Multiple Locations
Website | Facebook | Photo: Boscos Restaurant & Brewing Co. FB Page

A classic English-style Nut Brown Ale. Sweet and malty with the nutty flavor of chocolate malt, this beer is flavorful yet easy to drink. Pairs well with many menu items. Excellent with all cheeses and foods with caramelized flavors.

8. Pumpkin Beer, Czann’s Brewing Company


505 Lea Ave, Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Czann’s Brewing Company FB Page

Made with fresh baked pumpkin, Nutmeg, Cloves and Cinnamon. Everything but the whipped cream!

9. Country Roots, Tennessee Brew Works


809 Ewing Ave, Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Tennessee Brew Works FB Page

Generous amounts of baked sweet potatoes (provided by Tennessee’s very own Delvin Farms and roasted by Flavor Catering) are mashed with the grains to create a complex, silky smooth stout with a prominent presence of coffee and bitter dark chocolate. This stout is great on its own, but complements many dessert items. Look for the roastiness of the sweet potatoes on the finish.

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