10 Virginia Beers To Check Out


1. “Roggenberry” German Rye, Three Notch’d Brewing Company


Charlottesville, Virginia
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Three Notch’d Brewing Company FB Page

This beer was one of the first batches brewed in the Harrisonburg location, designed by brewer Mary Morgan, they loved it so much they wanted to bring it to Cville. This German ale has a mild spiciness from the rye (roggen), infused with an herbal tea consisting of strawberry leaves, local woodruff from Pebble Hall Wild Flowers in Weyer’s Cave, Virginia, chamomile and honey. The herbs/spice profile is supported by a pleasantly sweet, malty/fruity base, coming primarily from the hearty amount of Munich malt.

2. Outta Yer Gourd Pumpkin Ale, Smartmouth Beer


Norfolk, Virginia
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Smartmouth Beer FB Page

You’ll go out of your mind when you taste this season’s Outta Yer Gourd Pumpkin Ale. With tweaks to the malt bill, the brewers boosted its caramel nuances and mouthfeel. A fragrant bouquet of spices, all hand-ground, wafts from this warm copper-tinted brew. These autumn flavors will tingle your nose and palate. Bolder, richer, smoother, it’s sure to go down as easy as, well, (pumpkin) pie. Enjoy it with roasted fowl, chili, or a soup chock-full of your favorite gourds.

3. 221 Baker Brown, Redbeard Brewing Company


Staunton, Virginia
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Redbeard Brewing Company

For some reason, it’s not until you’re on the second beer… but the anticipation of that special moment gets the adrenaline pumping. About the second swallow into the second beer, it suddenly hits you… you are drinking a Hostess cupcake. The bitterness of the chocolate cupcake is followed up with the sweet creaminess of the filling. (I don’t refer to the “fake” chocolate cupcakes whose filling is WAY sweeter than I’m referring to.) This is a subtle, sweet creaminess that makes you wish for more. Ahhh… that creaminess will remain as a short memory of childhood with every swallow from here on out. You will want that taste to remain on your tongue and in the back of your throat and so you swallow slowly… it only lasts a moment… you must savor it. This beer is WELL worth the swallow… a beer to crave like a Hostess cupcake.

4. Raven’s Roost Baltic Porter, Parkway Brewing Company


Salem, Virginia
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Parkway Brewing Company FB Page

With a robust and roasty aroma, Raven’s Roost Baltic Porter has notes of chocolate, caramel and toffee. Searching for the perfect porter? Quoth the raven, “Nevermore.”

5. Night Hawk Cascadian Dark Ale, Triple Crossing Brewing Company


Richmond, Virginia
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Triple Crossing Brewing Company FB Page

A true Pacific Northwest style dark, hoppy ale. Roast, citrus, resin, and a light, juicy fruit character from the RVA 132 Ale strain.

6. Roy’s Big Bad Brown Ale “Triple B”, Rusty Beaver Brewery


Ruther Glen, Virginia
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Rusty Beaver Brewery

Rich Brown Ale with deep chocolate tones. 2 row malt, Belgium Chocolate malt and 40L Caramel Malt with Cascade and Northern Brewer hops. Named after the song Roy by one of their favorite bands, The Southern Belles of Richmond, VA.

7. Shut Up, Center of the Universe Brewing


Ashland, Virginia
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Center of the Universe Brewing

Dark chocolate, raspberry, cocoa, and espresso engulf the pallet. The hops are present at 65IBU’s, but blend perfectly with the surrounding flavors. The beer travels through a flavor roller coaster as it warms creating a unique experience with each sip. Enjoy this beer with friends, or in the solidarity of your home to shut up the stresses and troubles of the outside world. Enjoy Shut Up on its own, or pair it with a well-marbled steak and some blue cheeses.

8. Cocoborealis, Chaos Mountain Brewing


Callaway, Virginia
Website | Facebook | Photo: Chaos Mountain Brewing FB Page

Indulge your senses in swirling layers of rich chocolate and coffee. Then ask yourself, how many chocolatey things can you add to a stout? They found three that you’ll love. First they start out with two chocolate roasted malts. Then during brewing they add a big dose of rich cocoa powder. Finally, they age the stout on (organic) cocao nibs. The result is a decadent dark chocolate “Liquid of the Gods” they like to call CocoBorealis: Triple Chocolate Stout.

9. Hammerhead Red/Thoroughbred Red, Hops Grill and Brewery


Alexandria, Virginia
Website | Facebook | Photo: Hops Grill and Brewery FB Page

This classic American amber ale is brewed with caramel malts to balance the hops with the malt sweetness and to add rich color. Regardless of the beer changing names in different regions, this beer is a nationwide favorite.

10. St. Maeve’s Stout, Bull & Bones Brewhaus & Grill


Blacksburg, Virginia
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Bull & Bones Brewhaus & Grill FB Page

An Irish style dry stout that would make Uncle Mossy of Port Laois proud. Classically brewed with Kent Goldings Hops and offset by sweet malts, the end result is a rich, dark and gently roasted experience. Roasted and flaked barley finish this stout to create its well rounded body and extremely fragrant white head.

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