8 Things We Wish President Obama Would Fix In CVille


This coming week, our President is coming to Monticello. Here’s a list of things we wish his executive powers could do.

1. Lower the cost of living

Living in the city is fine for well to do married couples, but for a college town, Charlottesville doesn’t make it easy for college grads looking to make a life out here.

2. More public parking off The Downtown Mall

Parking for The Corner and The Downtown Mall can be a nightmare, especially for those who work around those areas. “Do I want to pay 20 bucks everyday, or risk being towed?”

3. Fix the traffic pattern around the Shops at Stonefield

It’s hard enough getting to work with aggressive drivers, and a shocking lack of turn signals, but the slow moving roadwork that’s been popping up is murder on our precious time and the environment. Speaking of traffic…

4. Finish The Meadow Creek Parkway

There are few things more annoying than having to merge unexpectedly. If you want to get anywhere on time, avoid at all costs.

5. Find a permanent home for our beloved City Market

It’s no secret that the city market could use some better space, and in it’s Downtown location, the issue of parking comes up again.

6. Make Charlottesville Transportation more consistent and reliable

Anyone miss the days when the 7 bus ran every 15 minutes? Legend tells of a time when the 5 bus wasn’t always late. Oh, those were the days…

7. Make The Landmark Hotel nightmare go away

The Landmark Hotel, a partially constructed building on the Downtown Mall, has been a local eyesore long enough for people to almost have gotten used to it. Perhaps if Obama were to see this local tragedy, he might work some of his bailout magic and get this baby back on track.

8. Solve the bowling alley problem

We can’t all have a basement bowling alley. Why not put a new one south of Barracks Road? Seriously, CVille really needs a bowling alley either on The Downtown Mall or on West Main Street. Can P.B.O. make this happen for us?

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