7 Fun RVA Delivery Options


1. Cary Street Cafe

2631 West Cary Street, Richmond, Virginia 23220
(804) 353-7445
Facebook | Website | Photo: Cary Street FB Page

It’s a little silly to eat Cary Street and not want to go in, but if for whatever reason you can’t come out and play, Cary Street Cafe can be at your door with food, beer, wine and even cigarettes!

2. India K’Raja

9051 West Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia
(804) 965-6345
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: India K’Raja FB Page

This family owned and operated Indian restaurant has been voted best of Richmond. Try their lunch buffet too!

3. Alcove Restaurant

1112 East Main st, Richmond, Virginia 23219
(804) 644-0767
Facebook | Website | Photo: Alcove FB Page

Alcove is an elegant Indian restaurant with very reasonable prices. It’s perfect for people who’ve ever wanted Mango Lassie delivered to their door!

4. Belmont Pizzeria

602 N Belmont Ave, Richmond, Virginia 23221
(804) 888-9861
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Anyone who knows me knows that the way to my heart is a saucy pizza with fluffy crust. Belmont Pizzeria is probably the best pizza in Richmond.

5. Maldinis

4811 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond, VA 23225
(804) 230-9055
Facebook | Website | Photo: Maldinis FB Page

Maldinis serves excellent Italian food in a beautiful atmosphere, which is why it comes as such a surprise that they deliver. Order their ravioli, trust me.

6. Cafe Le Ville

9 N. 4th Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219
(804) 644-0400
Facebook | Website | Photo: Cafe Le Ville FB Page

Have you ever wished you could have crepes without leaving the comfort of your home? Cafe Le Ville will deliver that and fresh sandwiches!

7. Alamo BBQ

2202 Jefferson Ave, Richmond, Virginia 23223
(804) 592-3138
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Alamo BBQ FB Page

Prepare your waistlines, because Alamo BBQ delivers Texas style BBQ. It combines the rich fattening flavor of BBQ with a maximum distance of your couch to your door!

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