7 Awesome New York Food Trucks!


1. The Cinnamon Snail


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This mobile vegan restaurant is a projection of the bliss and delight from the depths of the owners’ hearts. Since Valentine’s Day 2010, The Cinnamon Snail food truck has been serving NYC and NJ maniacal vegan goodies!

2. Bian Dang

bian dang

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Bian Dang Facebook

Where can one get Taiwanese-style fried chicken over rice, seasoned with a delicious home-cooked pork sauce, with tea eggs and handmade dumplings on the side? Earlier this summer, possibly the first Taiwanese-style food truck in the United States drove into town and opened for lunch at neighborhoods around New York City. The response? Long lines and lively word-of-mouth between friends and foodblogs— enough so that NYC Cravings sold out of their signature fried chicken at their first appearance in Midtown.

3. Kimchi Taco


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Kimchi Taco Facebook

Kimchi Taco was born out of founder Phillip Lee’s desire to share his love for Korean food with the world. “Having had the opportunity to experience different types of cuisine while traveling and living in NYC, he realized the elements of Korean flavor and taste could stand up to any of the popular cuisines such as Italian, French or Japanese,” says Phillip. His challenge was to figure out how to make Korean food accessible and memorable in ways that the general public could truly appreciate its unique and bold flavors. Phillip and his team spent over six months in the Truck. The Kimchi is made in-house and all of the dishes are topped with fresh or sautéed kimchi. The uniquely seasoned barbecue offers Korean marinated beef, braised pork or chicken.

4. Souvlaki GR


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Souvlaki GR Facebook

Souvlaki GR was conceived with a desire to deliver traditional Greek Souvlaki in an unforgettable atmosphere. They bring you a 3D experience of tastes, sounds and the visual beauty of the Greek Islands. For souvlaki & beer – a visit to their restaurant in the Lower East side is a must.

5. Shorty’s NYC


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Shorty’s NYC Facebook

For years now, Shorty’s has been serving NYC’s most authentic cheesesteaks. The debate rages on: what makes a cheesesteak authentic? Some people say it’s the meat. Others say it’s the cheese. Some people actually think a cheesesteak must be eaten in PHILADELPHIA!

For Shorty’s, it’s all about the bread. Just like it’s difficult to duplicate NYC pizza in Los Angeles or a Long Island bagel in Miami, we feel the same way about a Philadelphia cheesesteak outside of Philly. What makes Philly bread work so well? Is it the water? Who knows?

All Shorty’s knows is that their bread is shipped in directly from the City Of Brotherly Love and baked on the premises every hour in their own bread ovens at each location. They even have an oven on their food truck. Combining the finest ingredients on fresh Philly bread makes their cheesesteaks the real deal. Period.

6. Morris Grilled Cheese


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Morris Grilled Cheese Facebook

The Morris Grilled Cheese truck motto? “Just making great food.” Grilled cheese is comfort food, so when you’re looking for something to take away the blues and satisfy that hunger, get yourself a Morris Grilled Cheese!

7. Calexico


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Calexico

Years after they first started, Calexico is out there slinging tacos and burritos on the streets of New York, only now instead of one cart they have a small fleet. The business has grown, but what they do hasn’t changed one bit. They still wake up every day and make the kind of food they like to eat: fresh, flavorful, satisfying. People seem to like it. Hopefully you will too.

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