20 Spooky Sites In Virginia


1. Patrick Henry Hotel

611 S Jefferson St, Roanoke, Virginia 24011
The Patrick Henry Hotel is said to have many ghosts. There are three men who like to loiter in the ballroom, a lobby pianist and a lady who wakes guests staying in her room.

2. Byrd Theatre

2908 W Cary St, Richmond, Virginia
Photo: Byrd Theatre FB

The Byrd Theatre is said to be haunted by Robert Coulter, the first manager of the theatre. He still makes his rounds and, apparently attempts to help close up.

3. Scotchtown

Scotchtown seems to have a young resident that refuses to leave. This young boy has been frequently seen along with a woman.

4. Olde Town Inn

9403 Main St, Manassas, Virginia
Photo: Olde Town Inn FB

Apparently, “Miss Lucy” loves to slam doors and lift guests off their bed.

5. The Bunnyman Bridge

Photo: Fairfax Underground
Perhaps the most famous Virginia urban legend, the bunny man is said to haunt this bridge in a bunny suit and carry an ax.

6. Sweet Briar College

Photo: Sweet Briar FB

Founder, Indiana Fletcher Williams and daughter have been seen around campus.

7. Custis-Lee Mansion

Arlington National Cemetery
Photo: Arlington Cemetery

The Custis-Lee Mansion is haunted by children and a vanishing cat. “Taps” can also be heard in the cemetery at night.

8. Cavalier Hotel

4201 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451
The Cavalier Hotel is full of ghosts, from children, to a cat and several naval officers. There is also a picture that is said to follow you around the room. A slash can be made out, leftover from a startled guard.

9. Aquia Church

2938 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Stafford, Virginia 22554
Photo: Aquia FB

There is a story that a woman was murdered here and hidden in the belfry when the church was not in use. There have been reports of a woman in a long dress walking around with a horrified expression.

10. Warren-Sipe House

301 South Main Street, Harrisonburg, VA 22801
Warren-Sipe House was a hospital during the Civil War. The ghost of soldiers have been seen here, particularly one soldier described as gentle and young.

11. William Wortham Pool Grave

412 S Cherry St, Richmond, Virginia
The site of a Virginia urban legend: The Richmond Vampire. After a railroad collapse in 1925, people saw a bloody creature emerge from the rubble with sharp teeth and ragged skin. It ran into the hillside grave of William Wortham Pool.

12. Glencoe Inn

222 North St, Portsmouth, Virginia 23704
Photo: Hauntedhouses.com

The Glencoe Inn has an elderly woman who haunts the rose garden.

13. Peyton-Randolph House

The Peyton-Randolph House has numerous ghosts, but the most common seems to be a woman in white.

14. Ramsay House

221 King St, Alexandria, Virginia 22314
The Ramsay House has a haunted basement.

15. Weems-Botts Museum

3944 Cameron St, Dumfries, Virginia 22026
Weems-Botts Museum is said to be haunted by a poltergeist that likes to throw books.

16. Linden House

11770 Tidewater Trail, Champlain, VA 22438
Photo: Johnston Bed & Breakfast

Now Johnston Bed & Breakfast, Linden House is said to have glowing orbs of light around the outside and inside of the house.

17. Kenmore Plantation

1229 Washington Ave., Fredericksburg, VA
Kenmore Plantation has had door knobs that turn on their own, the sound of footsteps and glimpses of the plantation’s owner.

18. Shirley Plantation

501 Shirley Plantation Rd, Charles City, Virginia
Photo: Shirley Plantation FB

Shirley Plantation is home to a haunted painting known as “Aunt Pratt”. When it was stored in the attic, strange knocking sounds could be heard from upstairs. The knocking stopped once the portrait was put back up. When it was sent to an exhibit it started rocking and in one instance found it’s way out of it’s storage container.

19. Westover Plantation

7000 Westover Rd, Charles City, Virginia
Photo: Westover FB

Evelyn Byrd is said to have died of “a broken heart” after not being allowed to marry the man she loved. She has been seen several times and mistaken for the lady of the house in costume.

20. Fredericksburg And Spotsylvania National Military Park

This sight of four major battles in The Civil War is said to be the home of many dead soldiers.

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