16 Great North Carolina Breweries To Try


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1. Wicked Weed Brewing, Asheville

91 Biltmore Ave, Asheville
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Wicked Weed FB Page

Founded December 2012, Wicked Weed Brewing is a brewpub which specializes in west coast style hoppy ales, open fermented belgian beers and barrel ages sours.

2. Fullsteam Brewery, Durham

726 Rigsbee Ave, Durham
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Fullsteam Brewery FB PAge

Fullsteam is a Durham, NC-based brewery and tavern. Their niche is “plow to pint” brewing, incorporating Southern food and farm traditions into the beer-making process.

3. Lonerider, Raleigh

8816 Gulf Ct Suite 100, Raleigh
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Lonerider FB Page

Let other brands cater to the whims of the crowd. Lonerider answers to the man who isn’t afraid to drink like an individual, to the outlaw in all of us.

4. Heist Brewery, Charlotte

2909 N Davidson St Suite 200, Charlotte
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Heist Brewery FB Page

Heist Brewery has quickly become one of Charlotte’s greatest destinations for craft beer, creative cocktails, and twisted eats. A Belgian centric brewpub, the Heist Brewery experience begins the moment you walk through the door.

5. D9 Brewing Company, Cornelius

11138-C Treynorth Dr, Cornelius
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: D9 Brewing FB Page

All D9 beers are purposefully diverse yet complimentary. Their styles include American Ale, English Ale, Viking Heather, Cascadian Ale and many others.

6. Huske Hardware House Restaurant and Brewery, Fayetteville

405 Hay St, Fayetteville
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Huske Hardware House FB Page

What began as a full-service hardware store built by Benjamin R. Huske at the turn of the century, has become Fayetteville’s most recognizable Historic Downtown Restaurant and Brewery over 106 years later.

7. The Unknown Brewing Company, Charlotte

1327 S Mint St, Charlotte
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: The Unknown Brewing FB Page

At The Unknown Brewing Company they are more than just a name. So if you need them to have a name, make one up. And Step into the Unknown!

8. Crank Arm Brewing Company, Raleigh

319 W Davie St, Raleigh
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Crank Arm FB Page

Crank Arm Brewing Company is a craft brewery with a tasting room, located in the heart of the warehouse district in downtown Raleigh. Their mission is to provide fresh artisan beer while utilizing green transportation methods.

9. Mash House Brewing Company, Fayetteville

4150 Sycamore Dairy Rd, Fayetteville
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Mash House FB Page

In a location with real character, right in the heart of Fayetteville, they are a favorite destinations for steaks, chops and award-winning beer — hand-crafted on the premises utilizing the traditional methods of Old World brewers.

10. Wedge Brewery, Asheville

37 Paynes Way, Suite 001, Asheville
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Wedge Brewery FB Page

The Wedge, named for the shape of the building, uses the best sourced ingredients to make great beer. “This is where friends come to drink good beer.”

11. Lenny Boy Brewing Co., Charlotte

2224 Hawkins St, Charlotte
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Lenny Boy FB Page

Charlotte’s Certified Organic Brewery for kombucha, wild ales, and traditional beers!

12. Ponysaurus Brewing, Durham

1101 West Chapel Hill Street, Durham
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Ponysaurus Brewing FB Page

Ponysaurus Brewing Co. is a forward-thinking, backward-tasting brewery based in Durham, NC, creating beers that are meant to be savored, appreciated, contemplated, philosophized, studied, nuzzled, and mindfully guzzled.

13. Flytrap Brewing, Wilmington

319 Walnut St, Wilmington
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Flytrap Brewing FB Page

Flytrap Brewing is named for the Venus flytrap, a carnivorous plant whose only native habitat in the world is within a 60 mile radius of Wilmington, NC. Along with hand crafting tasty, small batch beers, they strive to positively influence the community and Wilmington’s craft beer scene.

14. Burial Beer Co., Asheville

40 Collier Ave, Asheville
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Burial Beer FB Page

Burial Beer Co. is an Asheville brewery kicking out Belgian farmhouse ales, german lagers and good ole american gold.

15. Hoots Roller Bar & Beer Co., Winston-Salem

840 Millworks St, Winston-Salem
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Hoots Roller Bar FB Page

With a focus on developing beer that is representative of the local culture, HOOTS Beer Co. maintains blue collar classics, as well as pioneering new American styles. With no boundaries and a deep connection with the town itself, The Hoots Brew team delivers quality brews that are delicious and inspiring!

16. Wilmington Brewing Company, Wilmington

824 S Kerr Ave, Wilmington
Website | Facebook | Photo: Wilmington Brewing FB Page

Wilmington Brewing Company is a brewery, taproom, and beer garden connected to Wilmington Homebrew Supply. Wilmigton Brewing Company is excited to serve you fresh local beer straight from the tank to your glass.

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