15 Great Breweries To Check Out In Kentucky


1. West Sixth Brewing, Lexington


501 W Sixth St Suite 100, Lexington
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: West Sixth FB Page

Located in a 140 year old bakery, West Sixth Brewing creates beers that are enjoyable for the craft beer expert and the layman, alike!

2. Blue Stallion Brewing Company, Lexington


610 W Third St, Lexington
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Blue Stallion FB Page

Blue Stallion crafts fine German lagers and British Ales, with a focus on traditional brewing techniques and ingredients, as enjoyable to the beer enthusiast as the first time craft beer drinker.


3. Against The Grain Brewery, Louisville

against the grain

401 East Main St, Louisville
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Against The Grain FB Page

Located in the southeast corner of Louisville Slugger Field, Against The Grain brews an amazing lineup of beers, and also serves some great food!

4. Country Boy Brewing, Lexington

country boy

436 Chair Ave, Lexington
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Country Boy FB Page

Country Boy Brewing has a solid lineup of great beers, with something for every beer lover out there.

5. Bluegrass Brewing Company, Louisville


3929 Shelbyville Road, Louisville | 300 West Main Street, Louisville | 660 South 4th Street, Louisville
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Bluegrass FB Page

Louisville’s oldest micro brewery, Bluegrass Brewing has been serving up award-winning beer since 1993!

6. Kentucky Ale, Lexington


401 Cross St, Lexington
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Kentucky Ale FB Page

They’re actually The Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co., but are often referred to as Kentucky Ale after their first original brew!

7. Falls City Beer, Louisville

falls city

120 S 10th St, Louisville
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Falls City FB Page

Falls City Beer has a storied history, and they specialize in pale ales.

8. Braxton Brewing Company, Covington


27 W 7th St, Covington
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Braxton Brewing FB Page

Family-run, Braxton Brewing Company had a humble beginning in a garage, fueled by a love of brewing!

9. Dry Ground Brewing Co., Paducah

dry ground

3121 Broadway, Paducah
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Dry Ground FB Page

Paducah’s first craft brewery, Dry Ground Brewing Company resides in the historic Kentucky Coke Plant.


10. Apocalypse Brew Works, Louisville


1612 Mellwood Ave, Louisville
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Apocalypse Brew Works FB Page

Whether you’re looking for a pint or a growler, Apocalypse Brew Works is the place to to find quality small-batch beer.

11. Ei8ht Ball Brewing, Newport


95 Riviera Dr, Newport
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Ei8ht Ball FB Page

Featuring an amazing selection of craft beers, Ei8ht Ball Brewing is the place to go when you want a great beer!

12. Great Flood Brewing Co., Louisville

great flood

2120 Bardstown Rd, Louisville
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Great Flood FB Page

A Louisville fan favorite, Great Flood Brewing has a great selection of 16 draft beers to try.

13. Beer Engine, Danville

beer engine

107 Larrimore Ln, Danville
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Beer Engine FB Page

Passionate about the community and the beer they create, Beer Engine makes some unique beers that challenge the palate!

14. Ethereal Brewing, Lexington


1224 Manchester St, Lexington
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Ethereal Brewing FB Page

With a focus on Belgian farmhouse and American craft beers, Ethereal Brewing are passionate and creative in their brewing.

15. Rooster Brew, Paris


609 Main St, Paris
Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Rooster Brew FB Page

Paris, Kentucky’s first micro brewery, located in the heart of the downtown business district.

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