20 Kentucky Breweries To Visit


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1. West Sixth Brewing; Lexington

501 W Sixth St Suite 100, Lexington, Kentucky
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West Sixth Brewing is a craft brewery that sits in a 140 year old bakery. They brew original beers like the Lemongrass American Wheat!


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2. Kentucky Ale; Lexington

401 Cross St, Lexington, Kentucky 40508
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Kentucky Ale is Lexington’s oldest craft brewery. They make a wide selection of ales and bourbon.


3. Country Boy Brewing; Lexington

436 Chair Ave, Lexington, Kentucky
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Country Boy Brewing specializes in minimally processed brews and experimental beers like the porter-brown ale hybrid known as Amos Moses.

4. Falls City Brewing Co.; Louisville

120 S 10th St, Louisville, Kentucky
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Falls City Brewing Co. started back in 1905. Today, they’ve gone back to their roots and brew beers in the tradition of the original Fall City Beers.

5. Against The Grain Brewery; Louisville

401 East Main St (@ Louisville Slugger Field), Louisville, Kentucky
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Against The Grain Brewery is a BBQ brewpub located in a beautiful old train station. They offer a huge selection of brews with humorous names like Citra Ass Down and Boom Gose The Dynamite!


6. Blue Stallion Brewing Company; Lexington

610 W Third St, Lexington, Kentucky
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Blue Stallion Brewing Company is a traditional brewpub that specializes in German lager and British ales.

7. Great Flood Brewing Company; Louisville

2120 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, Kentucky
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Great Flood Brewing Company is a craft brewery that makes innovative beers like their Blueberry Stout and Great Flood Mole ’37 Porter.


8. Apocalypse Brew Works; Louisville

1612 Mellwood Ave, Louisville, Kentucky
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Apocalypse Brew Works is a small batch brewery that’s dedicated to sustainable practices. They brew beers that’ll keep your going through the end of times.

9. Braxton Brewing Company; Covington

27 W 7th St, Covington, Kentucky 41011
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Braxton Brewing Company honors the great tradition of brewing with their solid beers and a great space to enjoy them!


10. Dry Ground Brewing Company; Paducah

3121 Broadway, Paducah, Kentucky
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Dry Ground Brewing Company is a microbrewery and taproom that brews beers with intriguing notes like apple, apricot and Asian pear.