Top 12 Burger Joints In Florida


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1. Pincho Factory; Miami

9860 SW 40th St, Miami, Florida
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Pincho FB

Pincho Factory has blue your own kebabs as well as burgers like Fritanga burger with fried cheese!

2. Oblivion Taproom; Orlando

5101 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, Florida
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Oblivion FB

Oblivion Taproom is a crazy fun bar with a great cider selection. They have a great menu of burgers like The Griller with grilled pineapple and sriracha goat cheese.



Fort Lauderdale, Hallandale Beach, Miami, Florida
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: ROK BRGR FB

ROK BRGR has amazing pancake specials, lobster corn dogs and burgers like brie and pork belly!

4. Lokal; Miami

lokal (1)
3190 Commodore Plz, Miami, Florida
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Lokal FB

Lokal is a sustainable and locally sourced restaurant with grass fed burgers that have toppings like guava jelly, candied bacon and onion marmalade.

5. The Blind Rabbit; Jacksonville Beach

311 3rd St N Suite 107, Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Facebook | Website | Photo: Blind Rabbit FB

The Blind Rabbit is a Southern restaurant with great cocktails and burgers like the Whiskey Smoked Burger with smoked gouda.

6. Voodoo Dog; Tallahassee

voodoo (1)
805 South Macomb Street, Tallahassee, FL 32301
Facebook | Photo: Daniel Vitter

Voodoo Dog has original hot dogs and burgers like the peanut butter bacon burger.


7. Engine No9; Saint Petersburg

56 Dr MLK Jr North, Saint Petersburg, Florida
Facebook | Website | Photo: Engine No9 FB

Engine No9 has an entire page on their menu dedicated to burgers. The Chubby Duck burger has foie gras and panchetta!

8. Vertigo Burgers & Fries; Tallahassee

1395 E Lafayette St, Tallahassee, Florida
Facebook | Website | Photo: Vertigo FB

Vertigo Burgers & Fries has a locally caught shrimp burger, lamb burger and a duck burger!

9. Loosey’s; Gainesville

120 SW 1st Ave, Gainesville, Florida
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Loosey FB

Loosey’s has a long list of items you can put on your burger. You can get pimento cheese, beer mustard and queso fresco.

10. BB Junction; Winter Park

2103 W Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, Florida
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: BB Junction FB

BB Junction offers burgers with pecan-smoked bacon, aged cheddar, house made bourbon ham and ghost chili cheese.

11. Epik Burger; Jacksonville

12740 Atlantic Blvd Suite 105, Jacksonville, Florida
Facebook | Website | Photo: Epik Burger FB

Epik Burger has a menu of 34 different burgers with unusual options like ahi tuna patties, Korean BBQ and blue cheese-truffle mousse.

12. Harold’s Place; Naples

2555 9th St North (Rt 41 North), Naples, Florida
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Harold’s FB

Harold’s Place is known for their traditional burger with your choice of cheese.

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