The 9 Best CVille Coffee Shops


1. Shenandoah Joe’s

Shen Joe

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Shenandoah Joe Coffee Roasters was established as a small batch coffee roaster in 1993 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

They currently offer over 25 varieties of specialty/boutique/gourmet coffee using only the finest Arabica coffee from all over the world. Coffee is their passion and they painstaking search out the best coffee available.

2. Mudhouse


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The owners of Mudhouse used to giggle and pass notes in 8th grade math. After college, walkabouts, and real jobs, they met back up in Alaska and lived in a old VW van, down by the river. That’s when they decided to open a coffeehouse back in Virginia.

They wanted to make a difference. People thought they were crazy. Banks thought they were crazy, but they persevered and now here they are, 20 years later, in the middle of a dream, roasting coffee together for people they love and playing around, still giggling like two little monkeys.

3. C’ville Coffe

CVille Coffee

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C’ville Coffee, located at the gateway to Charlottesville’s historic downtown district, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have a bakery with pies, cakes, cookies, and muffins.

At C’ville Coffee you will find friendly, cheerful service, carefully prepared food that isn’t fussy and the space to enjoy it all.

4. Greenberry’s


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Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the first Greenberry’s Coffee Co. store opened in Charlottesville, VA in 1992. They opened with the intent of serving the finest selection of specialty coffees, teas and fresh-baked pastries in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

In order to ensure the integrity and quality of the coffee they sold, they knew that they needed to roast their own product. Even today, every batch of coffee they sell is roasted by hand and shipped fresh on a daily basis. Their Master Coffee Roasters view roasting as an art, not a job, and the difference is evident in every cup they sell.

5. Cafe Cubano

cafe cubano

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Café Cubano is a daily destination for loyal fans of finely drawn shots or brewed coffee, hearty breakfast offerings, sophisticated panini sandwiches, salads and Cuban specials.

At Café Cubano, they are committed to sustainable practices, that is why they serve certified organic coffee that is rain forest alliance, fair trade and locally roasted. Simply put, the organic coffee they use is grown without the use of man-made pesticides, herbicides, or toxic fertilizers. It is better for you and the environment. The beans they use to brew your daily cup are roasted locally and are Fair Trade Certified and OCIA certified organic.

6. La Taza

la taza

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Located in the heart of the swinging Belmont district in Charlottesville, VA.

La Taza is a coffee house. La Taza is a charming lunch spot. La Taza is the perfect place for a tasty urban brunch. La Taza is a trendy outdoor hangout for drinks during the warmer months. La Taza is many things and their goal is to provide their customers with a taste of Latin culture in a clean, casual, inviting environment.

7. Atlas Coffee


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Serving great coffee, espresso, and tea, Atlas Coffee is a friendly neighborhood espresso bar where the pastries are fresh-baked and the coffee is locally roasted. Their syrups are homemade using vanilla beans, Ghirardelli chocolate, and caramelized cane sugar. Chai is brewed in-house with fresh ginger. Pick up a pound of Atlas Blend coffee beans for home, either whole bean or ground to order.

A great place to study, meet friends, or chat with the barista, Atlas Coffee has free wi-fi and plenty of places to plug in your computer. Kids love to sit at the bar and order juice and a Carpe Donut, and they’ll provide a biscuit and a bowl of water for your canine friends.

8. Para Coffee


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Para Coffee started out in September 2008 with a vision: to create a place where the community could gather, musicians and artists could share their craft, and coffe drinkers could… well, drink coffee.

Since then, their little shop on The Corner has become a Charlottesville favorite. In addition to their brilliant brews, Para offers tasty stuff from the Albemarle Baking Company and sweet tea that’s so good, they feel pretty safe in saying it could be the best in the world.

9. Java Java

java java

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Established in 2006, Java Java Downtown is a coffee shop located on Charlottesville’s historic downtown mall, specializing in organic fair trade coffee and teas.

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