10 Ways To Get Your Chocolate Fix In RVA


1. For The Love Of Chocolate

3136 W Cary St, Richmond, Virginia 23221
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For The Love Of Chocolate is filled with chocolates both international and locally made. So get your culinary passport ready and take a trip around the world of chocolate!

2. Baker’s Crust

11800 West Broad Street #102, Richmond, VA 23233
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The Ultimate Chocolate Lava Cake at baker’s crust is insanely good. It’s warm and gooey and filled with chocolate ganache. They serve it with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

3. Shyndigz

1903 W Cary St, Richmond, Virginia
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Shyndigz’s S’mores are fudgey and sweet with two roasted marshmallows on top. They also have great cake parfaits!

4. Sub Rosa Bakery

620 N 25th St, Richmond, Virginia 23223
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Sub Rosa Bakery’s pain au chocolat and chocolate almond croissants are fantastic. They also have chocolatetinis which are like mini pain au chocolat!

5. WPA Bakery

2707 E Marshall St, Richmond, Virginia
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WPA Bakery’s chocolate chess pie is plenty rich, but there’s always the chocolate hazelnut cheesecake if you have a death by chocolate wish.

6. Crossroads

3600 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond, Virginia
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Crossroads’ chocolate peanut butter pie is covered with a thick layer of chocolate ganache. They also have a brownie sundae with your choice of ice cream topping.

7. Sweet 95

3336 N Boulevard, Richmond, Virginia
Facebook | Twitter | Photo: Sweet 95 FB Page

There’s nothing quite like a Sweet 95 brownie, especially with ice cream!

8. Hispania Bakery

Church Hill, Richmond, Virginia 23223

Hispania Bakery’s Spicy Diablo Cookies are chocolate cookies with a smooth dark chocolate filling that has a spicy kick of cinnamon and hot chiles.

9. DeLuca Gelato

1362 Gaskins Rd, Richmond, Virginia 23238
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DeLucha Gelato’s dark chocolate sorbet is the perfect way to beat the heat and your chocolate fix. With no milk to water it down, there’s nothing but dark rich chocolatey flavor.

10. Gearharts Fine Chocolates

306 Libbie Ave, Richmond, Virginia 23226
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Gearharts Fine Chocolates are more than fine. They are decadent! Gearharts is always coming up with new and exciting flavors.

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