5 RVA Business Owners To Know


1. Erin Dexter, Owner, Capital Home Veterinary Care

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Erin Dexter is a compassionate veterinarian and animal lover who knows that the patient comes first. She grew up on a farm, where she gained invaluable experience with animals. She is the owner of Capital Home Veterinary Care. The thing that makes her singular is that it is a full service mobile clinic. Unlike many vets, Erin does not shy away from house calls. She will be there for your animals great and small.

2. L. Robert Bolling, CEO, ChildSavers

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Meet L. Robert Bolling, the CEO of ChildSavers. ChildSavers is a non-profit, organization dedicated to child mental health. They are here to make sure children can thrive in a healthy safe environment and are licensed to deal in special needs and substance abuse, as well as counseling.

3. Hunter Hopcroft, Owner, Harvest Grocery Supply

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Hunter Hopcroft started his neighborhood general store, Harvest Grocery Supply to create an outlet for local food producers to sell their goods. They sell local produce, pasture-raised meats, organic groceries and handcrafted products. Hunter is a personable guy who truly cares about providing good service and getting to know the locals.

4. Monique Pecora, Owner, Monique’s Crepes

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Monique is the owner of Monique’s Crepes, a sweet little food truck serving French style sweet crêpes and savory galettes. Growing up with a French mother, Monique is no stranger to French cuisine, but she traveled all the way to Brittany, Franch to get her training and certification from a crepe school to ensure quality food. Monique is a social woman dedicated to keeping her business environmentally friendly with all compostable packaging. She also has gluten free options on her truck.

5. Paul Keevil, Owner, Millie’s

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Paul Keevil originally moved from London to become a musician. The name “Millie’s” was born as a gesture to the elderly owners of the existing restaurant, Millie and Jack. A funky and irreverent coffee shop, Millie’s quickly became the darling of the Los Angeles restaurant scene, and the home away from home for many like-minded musicians and actors. Keevil left Los Angeles in the late 80’s, and after settling in Richmond, Virginia for a few years, decided to open Millie’s in Richmond in 1989. He has remained active in the music business over the years, and still plays whenever possible.

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