Top 6 Vegan Places In RVA


1. Ipanema Cafe

917 W. Grace Street, Richmond, Virginia 23220
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Ipanema Cafe is a delicious vegetarian and vegan restaurant. They have filling entrees like Red Lentil Kofta with spiced quinoa and roasted vegetables.

2. Harrison St. Cafe

402 N. Harrison St., Richmond, Virginia 23220
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Harrison St. Cafe has a robust vegan menu with burritos, sandwiches and burgers. You don’t have to worry about nothing but salad here! And where else can you get vegan French toast?

3. Phoenix Garden Vegetarian Restaurant

7103 Brook Road, Richmond, Virginia 23227
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Phoenix Garden Vegetarian Restaurant is completely vegetarian and their vegan marinated drumsticks are a must try!

4. Cafe Verde

1810 E. Main St, Richmond, Virginia 23219
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Cafe Verde may not look vegan or even vegetarian, but they are 100% vegan. The “beef” on their menu is all vegan friendly food. They also make the best vegan cupcakes in town!

5. Green Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant

8900 West Broad, Richmond, Virginia 23294
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At Green Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant, vegans don’t have to hunt for their food. All other food is simply labeled “Not vegan”. So you can dine without fear.

6. The Mill on MacArthur

4023 MacArthur Ave, Richmond, Virginia 23227
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The Mill on MacArthur serves traditional American food, but on Meatless Mondays, they have great all day specials for vegetarians and vegans.

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