Top 10 Burger Restaurants In Ohio


1. The Thurman Cafe; Columbus

183 Thurman Ave, Columbus, Ohio
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The Thurman Cafe specializes in heavy duty burgers like the Thurminator with two patties and ham!

2. Terry’s Turf Club; Cincinnati

4618 Eastern Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45226
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Terry’s Turf Club offers a wide selection of toppings like truffle oil as well as imported cheeses from France, Amsterdam, England, Italy and Cyprus!


3. Burger Bar 419; Toledo

4400 Heatherdowns Blvd Suite 11B, Toledo, Ohio 43614
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Burger Bar 419 has mouthwatering burgers like the Pâté Melt and the Biere Cheese with horseradish mayo.

4. The RAIL; Canton

4347 Belden Village Mall, Canton, OH 44718
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The RAIL burger menu includes a bruschetta burger with spinach, mozzarella and house made bruschetta topping.

5. Flip Side; Columbus

3945 Easton Station, Columbus, OH 43219
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The Flip Side’s burger selection includes a lamb curry burger and another with brie, shallots and date-bacon aioli.

6. Arthur’s Cafe; Cincinnati

3516 Edwards Rd 45208/ 8221 Beechmont Ave 45244, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Arthur’s Cafe has toppings like pink salsa, Boursin Cheese and seasons tortilla strips.

7. Gradkowski’s; Toledo

1440 Secor Rd Suite R, Toledo, Ohio 43607
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Gradkowski’s has a small but impressive burger menu with items like Ultimate Pat LaFrieda foie gras, a quail egg and orange caramelized onions.

8. Lucky’s Taproom & Eatery; Dayton

520 East Fifth St, Dayton, Ohio
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Lucky’s Taproom & Eatery has a great selection of burgers that can also be ordered as hot dogs. Toppings include peanut butter, pickled carrots, goat cheese and guacamole.


9. The Game Grill & Bar; Akron

300 S Main St, Akron, Ohio
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The Game Grill & Bar has possibly the best fried egg burger around. It has aged white cheddar, pork belly, scallions and Thai basil sauce!

10. Wexler’s Tavern & Eatery; Cleveland

4555 State Rd, Cleveland, Ohio
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Offers great American burgers The Dominator with BBQ pulled pork!

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