6 Nashville Breweries To Try ASAP!


1. Fat Bottom Brewing

fat bottom

900 Main St, Nashville, TN 37206
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They set out to make beers that are bigger and sexier than what you can find at your local bar. Fat Bottom’s brews are built around a wide variety of styles from around the world, with their unique touches added. Each recipe has been perfected over years and every batch is brewed from the highest quality ingredients.

The beer is unfiltered, so you can savor the unique cloudy appearance and subtle flavors that truly bring craft beer to life. They like bold hop flavors, distinct aromas, and the beautiful color that comes from natural grains. Unfiltered beers retain their natural depth and flavor, as well as a variety of nutrients provided by the yeast.

2. Jackalope Brewing Company


701 8th Ave S, Nashville, Tennessee 37203
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Jackalope Brewing Company is owned by Bailey Spaulding, Robyn Virball and Steve Wright, three charming young people with an affection for beer. Bailey and Robyn became friends in September 2002 in the tiny Scottish village of St. Andrews, where Bailey was doing a semester abroad and Robyn was completing her undergraduate degree. During the next eight years, they both graduated, Bailey went off to Vanderbilt Law School, and Robyn entered the working world, but both thought they were meant for much bigger and more alcoholic things. Steve joined the mix at the end of 2010. He started out as Jackalope’s biggest fan, parlayed that into being the very first Jackalope intern, and is now a full on partner in Jackalope.

Bailey and Robyn agreed that they wanted to start a craft brewery that was an active member of the community, they wanted to make great beers for the local Nashville bar and restaurant scene, and have a taproom where people could come drink and learn about the brews. Jackalope gets its name for a couple of reasons, but it mostly comes down to Bailey’s fascination with this creature which she used to believe actually existed. She was given a tee-shirt once with a picture of a Jackalope that said “Believe in Yourself”. Cheesy? Yes. But also our unofficial motto. Believe in yourself. Believe in good beer.

3. Yazoo Brewing Company


910 Division St, Nashville, Tennessee 37203
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In October 2003, Yazoo Brewing Company opened the doors and began selling kegs of Yazoo Pale Ale, Dos Perros, Spring Wheat, and Onward Stout to local bars and restaurants, quickly gaining an enthusiastic local following. They replaced the Spring Wheat with their Hefeweizen after winning a Gold Medal for the hefeweizen at the 2004 Great American Beer Festival, and started bottling their beers in 2005. Other local favorites like their Sly Rye Porter and Hop Project rounded out the line-up of beers. In 2009, they managed to brew Tennessee’s first ever legal high-gravity ale, Yazoo Sue, after managing to get a distillery license. Their little brewery grew and grew, until they couldn’t fit any more equipment in the building.

After six years, they had outgrown the original brewery, and in 2010 decided to purchase a building for a new brewery in the Gulch, at 910 Division Street. With the addition of a new 40 barrel brewhouse, and lots of room for bigger tanks, they were able to continue to grow. Yazoo beer can now be found in most of Tennessee, Mississippi, and northern Alabama. They are the proud brewers of Gerst beer, reviving a brand that was once a Nashville legend before Prohibition, and also brew the ‘Hap and Harry’s’ beers for our partners at R.S. Lipman, our first ever distributor here in Nashville. We’re excited to be riding the wave of good beer that is sweeping across the Southeast! Cheers!

4. Tennessee Brew Works


809 Ewing Ave, Nashville, TN 37203
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“Finely Tuned Craft Beer”, brewed in the heart of Tennessee. Tennessee Brew Works is dedicated to producing & enjoying high quality craft beer, while appreciating music & the many other fine traditions & charms of Tennessee, U.S.A.

5. The Black Abbey Brewing Company

black abbey

2952 Sidco Dr, Nashville, TN 37204
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The Black Abbey Brewing Company was founded in a Nashville neighborhood. Good friends working together to craft something unique as the city itself. The personality of Middle Tennessee is as unique and charming as anywhere in the country. Black Abbey Brewing Company are proud to be a Tennessee brand and they let that shine through the design of their beer. Approachable as a smile, friendly as a handshake, neighborly as a back yard barbeque, at The Black Abbey they are your neighbors and can’t wait to share a pint with you.

6. Czann’s Brewing Company


505 Lea Ave, Nashville, TN 37203
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Czann’s Brewing Company has a catalog of several ale recipes that will be available year round and seasonally. The Brew Masters overall approach to designing each beer is to strike a balance between solid malt flavor and hop bitterness. Base and most of the specialty malts are supplied by Franco-Belges, one of the largest malteries in Europe. Rather than just adding bitterness, German and American hop varieties are selected to add to the overall flavor of each beer. And finally a clean yeast strain allows the flavor contribution from each ingredient to stand out in every glass.

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