6 Bars To Try In Williamsburg


1. Hogarth’s Bar & Bistro


5201 Center Street, Williamsburg, Virginia 2318
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Nothing fancy about Hogarth’s Bar & Bistro. No gimmicks. No grand concepts. Just great food, great friends and great times. What more could you want? When have you seen Yorkshire pudding on a menu lately. Yes, there’s a bit of british inspiration at Hogarth’s. Risotto with English peas and bacon. Fries with bourbon jam. Gotta try those fries! There’s also a nice seared tuna. Great food, great friends and great times in Newtown. Hogarth’s Bar and Bistro.

2. DoG Street Pub


401 West Duke of Gloucester Street, Williamsburg, Virginia 23185
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Williamsburg took the best of England and made it American. Chef David Everett continues the trend with his unique take on the British Gastropub. The theme and scope of a gastropub combines the leisurely and unpretentious ambience of a watering hole with the epicurean delights of a good eatery at an affordable price.

3. The Corner Pocket


4805 Courthouse St. In New Town, Williamsburg, Virginia 23188
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Located just minutes from Colonial Williamsburg, The Corner Pocket offers outstanding food and entertainment in a casual, upscale environment. Adjoining the restaurant and bar, The Pocket features a separate billiards room with 13 Connelly drop-pocket pool tables. The Pocket has become a Williamsburg favorite since it opened in 1992 and is known for great live music in a quality atmosphere. Local musicians as well as touring national Blues and Zydeco acts consider The Pocket one of their favorite venues.

4. Sportsmans Grille


240 Mclaws Cir, Williamsburg, Virginia 23185-5678
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The Sportsmans Grille has been a long time local favorite. Remodeled in 2013, this sports themed restaurant is a perfect place for both sports and great food. Come see what locals have known for years. Family casual dining in a relaxed atmoshere. So if its sports your looking for or just a drink after a long day this is the place for you. They offer classic American fare at reasonable prices with daily and nightly food and drink specials. They also have plenty of patio seating and a private dining area.

5. Cogan’s Deli & Sports Pub


4324 C-2 New Town Ave., Williamsburg, Virginia 23188
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Cogan’s Deli & Sports Pub offers a range of hand-crafted signature drink selections, as well as a classic menu of top-shelf libations to satisfy guests’ discerning palates. Whether you prefer your drink neat, chilled, garnished with a hand-stuffed blue cheese olive or topped with a fresh mint leaf, their beer and cocktail menu has something for everyone.

6. The Cove Tavern


3701 Strawberry Plains Rd., Williamsburg, Virginia 23188
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Photo: The Cove Tavern Facebook

At Cove Tavern, they are committed to satisfying customers with great food and excellent service. From the moment you walk in, the stone fireplaces and wooden boats give you an unmatched warm and cozy atmosphere. The Palm trees add a hint of the tropics to create a most unique setting.

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