42 Georgia Breweries To Try


Which Georgia brewery should advance to Scoutology.com’s Top 16 Beer Brawl!?!? Your votes will determine the outcome and the BEST BREWERY in Georgia! VOTE NOW; VOTE OFTEN!
The Sweet 16 will start Friday, April 17th at 12:00pm

1. SweetWater Brewing Company; Atlanta

195 Ottley Drive, Atlanta , Georgia 30324
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SweetWater Brewing Company is an award winning brewery. They have great year round brews like their blueberry ale!


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2. Terrapin Beer Co.; Athens

265 Newton Bridge Rd, Athens, Georgia 30607
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Terrapin Beer Co. has a wide range of beers from high gravity, to IPAs, to “side projects” and collaborations. You can find a beer for every taste.


3. Monday Night Brewing; Atlanta

670 Trabert Ave NW, Atlanta, Georgia
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Monday Night Brewing hopes to cure your case of The Mondays. All their brews have playful names like the Belgian style Fu Man Brew with a hint of ginger.

4. Red Brick Brewing; Atlanta

2323 Defoor Hills Rd NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30318
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Red Brick Brewing is Georgia’s oldest surviving brewery. They have a wonderful selection of beers like the Vanilla Gorilla porter.

5. Moon River Brewing Company; Savannah

21 W Bay St, Savannah, Georgia
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Moon River Brewing Company is a brewpub with great lunch specials and a great selection of beer flavors from the sweetness of Captain’s Porter to the hoppy punch of Swamp Fox.

6. Red Hare Brewing Company; Marietta

1998 Delk Industrial Blvd SE, Marietta, Georgia
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Red Hare Brewing Company has an excellent selection of everyday beers and seasonals.

7. Creature Comforts; Athens

271 W Hancock Ave, Athens, Georgia
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Creature Comforts makes artisanal brews with delightful notes like the fruity Tropicalia.

8. The Burnt Hickory Brewery; Kennesaw

2260 Moon Station Ct NW Suite 210, Kennesaw, Georgia 30144
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The Burnt Hickory Brewery is a fiercely local microbrewery with inventive beers like their Courageous Conductor fruit porter with raspberry, cherry and vanilla.

9. Jailhouse Brewing Company; Hampton

8 Cherry St, Hampton, Georgia 30228
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Jailhouse Brewing Company handcrafts their beers with a criminal flavor. Try the Breakout Stout.


10. Wrecking Bar Brewpub; Atlanta

292 Moreland Ave NE, Atlanta, Georgia
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Wrecking Bar Brewpub is located in a beautiful 20th Century home. They have a delicious menu and flavorful beers like Le Papillon Witbier with lavender, coriander, chamomile and kumquat.