20 Virginia Ghosts


1. The Crying Woman

Photo: arlingtonnatioancemetery.net
There are reports of a loud crying woman that cannot be seen, just inside The Old Post Chapel. This is possibly the voice of a dark haired Spanish woman dressed in mourning that can also be seen there.

2. The Gazebo Ghost

Photo: GMU.edu
Although no reports of a drowning can be found, there is a young man that sits in the gazebo at George Mason University. He is soaking wet and appears to be crying. When you sit next to him, he disappears.

3. The Ghoul At Olde Town Inn

Photo: Olde Town Inn FB
Apparently there is a woman who loves to scare guests by decomposing in front of them.

4. The Charred Woman

Amelia Wildlife Reserve is the site of several gruesome murders. A charred woman can be seen wandering in the woods.

5. Phantom Funeral

Grace Church in Yorktown is said to be the site of a ghost funeral.

6. The INOVA Union Soldier

The woods near Inova Alexandria Hospital are said to be haunted by a Union soldier looking for his love.

7. Screaming Ghost Of Haw Branch Plantation

Haw Branch Plantation has the ghost of a woman who screams at night.

8. Makemie Woods Nurse

Photo: makwoods.org
Makemie Woods is said to be haunted by a Civil War nurse. She can be heard playing the piano and seen searching for soldiers in need.

9. Ladies At The Danville Museum

Photo: Danville Museum FB
A girl’s moan has been reported as well as a young woman who likes to appear in mirrors.

10. John Sparrow

Photo: Old Coast Guard Station FB
John Sparrow was the surfman of a schooner that ran aground in Virginia Beach. He is believed to haunt the Old Coast Guard Station Museum.

11. Thomas Jefferson

Photo: Monticello FB
There have been sightings of Jefferson as well as reports of whistling. Thomas Jefferson was known to whistle while surveying his estate.

12. The Ghost March

Photo: Centre Hill Museum FB
Every January 24th soldiers are said to march up the stairs of the museum around 7am. The museum holds a ghost watch on that day.

13. The Jilted Lover

lafayaette inn
Photo: Lafayette Inn FB
The Lafayette Inn is said to be haunted by a Confederate soldier whose lover was unfaithful.

14. Agnes

Photo: Tautog’s FB
Tautog’s Restaurant has a benevolent ghost, the house’s former owner, Agnes Winston.

15. The Patients & Shipwreck Victims Of Doc Taylor’s

Photo: Doc Taylor’s FB
Ms. Winston’s neighbors have some other worldly guests of their own at Doc Taylor’s Restaurant. People often see faces in the windows of this former doctor’s office where shipwreck victims would await burial.

16. The Mischievous Soldier

101 E Frederick St, Staunton, Virginia 24401
Photo: Mary Baldwin FB

Mary Baldwin College has several interesting ghost stories, including the occasional appearance of a child’s handprint, an actress and a mischievous soldier. The soldier likes to follow people around and play tricks.

17. Mrs. Bagsby

Photo: Ubon Thai FB
The quirky Ubon Thai Victorian Restaurant is rumored to be haunted by Mrs. Bagsby. She is most often seen in room 7.

18. The Patients At Western State Hospital

Photo: Tom Kirsch
This is the site of a Staunton sanitarium run by a eugenics supporter. It is rumored to be haunted by former patients.

19. Mr. Coulter

Photo: Byrd Theatre FB
The ghost of Byrd Theatre’s former manager often tries to help with closing, but he can only be seen from the waist up.

20. The Lady In Red

Photo: Wrexham FB
There is said to be a lady in red who wanders Wrexham Hall. Perhaps the former owner, angry that her family’s burial plots were disturbed is pulling pranks on the staff.

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