10 Famous Virginians


1. Jason Mraz

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One of the few people that can rock a trilby was born in Mechanicsville, VA.

2. Patton Oswalt

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Comedian, actor and spontaneous scatter Patton Oswalt was born and raised in Sterling, VA.

3. Jay Pharoah

jay pharoh
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Comedian, actor and the best impressionist on SNL, Jay Pharoah, was born in Chesapeake, VA.

4. Mark Ruffalo

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Actor, director, writer and “enormous green rage monster”, Mark Ruffalo spent most of his teens in Virginia Beach, VA.

5. Bob Saget

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Bob Saget is a writer, comedian and actor, but you probably know him most recently as the longest storyteller EVER on How I Met Your Mother. He once lived in Norfolk, VA.

6. Wanda Sykes

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Comedian and actress, Wanda Sykes was born in Portsmouth, VA. She also grew up around DC.

7. Pharrell Williams

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Singer-songwriter and giant hat enthusiast, Pharrell Williams was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA.

8. David Arquette

david arqette
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Actor, director and writer David Arquette was born and raised on a commune in Bentonville, VA.

9. Sandra Bullock

Photo: Sandra Bullock FB
Actress and producer Sandra Bullock was born in Arlington, VA.

10. Ella Fitzgerald

Facebook | Website | Photo: Ella Fitzgerald FB Page
And last but not least, jazz singer and musical legend, Ella Fitzgerald was born in Newport News, VA.

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