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Poke Sushi Bowl Opens On UVa Corner!


After the beloved Two Guys Tacos closed on the Corner, UVa students and CVille dwellers alike were stunned as to what could be coming to town. The newly-opened restaurant is none other than Poke Sushi Bowl!

poke 2

Poke is an increasingly trendy food. For those behind on the times, we’re talking about a raw fish salad that is a staple in Hawaiian cuisine – yum! Joining forces with Japanese influences of sushi, these bowls are sure to be delicious.

The shop works in a pretty simple manner. (1) Pick your based of brown or sushi rice. (2) Plop on a protein – anything from salmon and eel to krab or tofu. (3) Get creative with your mix-ins! Edamame, mango, seaweed, and more can all add some variety into your bowl. (4) Choose a sauce like the Ponzu Citrus, Coconut Cream, or Ginger Wasabi Shoyu. (5) Top it off with peppers, seeds, nuts, or seaweed!

poke 1

The many, many options laid out before you means your bowl can be customized and made one of a kind! For those overwhelmed by the many options of Poke Sushi Bowl, a variety of Signature Bowls are available for combinations that are guaranteed to be delish.

Check out the Dragon Bowl, Miso Tofu, or Hawaiian Bowl!

poke 4

Poke Sushi Bowl is also committed to maintaining healthy standards! They use a “non-oil” cooking procedure and do not welcome corn syrup or artificial flavors in their kitchen.

For a fast and delicious lunch, stop by today!

101 14th St NW, Charlottesville, VA 22903
Facebook | Photos: Yelp

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