Boston, MA

Are You Crazy About Food Trucks?

If you’re a mobile food expert, check out our “Boston Food Truck Fight” list!

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1. Big Gay Ice Cream; NYC

61 Grove St (7th Ave S), NYC | 125 E 7th St (Ave A & 1st Ave), NYC
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Big Gay Ice Cream FB

Big Gay Ice Cream’s soft-serve flavors are as delightful as their names. The “American Globs” is a chocolate dipped, vanilla cone with sea salt and pretzels! Read more >>

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1. Co Co. Sala, DC

929 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Co Co. Sala FB

Co Co. Sala isn’t just a chocolate shop. It’s a chocolate restaurant. You can find chocolate truffles as well as savory dishes with chocolate sauces.

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