5 Awesome RVA Cafes

By Scoutology Staff

1. 821 Cafe

825 west cary street, Richmond, Virginia 23220
Facebook | Website

821 Cafe is a fun cafe with a great breakfast menu. Try the smoked salmon omelette or PB&J French toast!

2. Cary Street Cafe

2631 West Cary Street, Richmond, Virginia 23220
Facebook | Website | Photo: Cary Street Cafe FB Page

Cary Street Cafe is a lot of fun at night, and a great place for lunch. Try the chili bake if you don ‘t believe me.

3. Harrison St. Cafe

402 N. Harrison St., Richmond, Virginia 23220
Facebook | Website | Photo: Harrison St. Cafe

Harrison St. Cafe is actually a vegan cafe, but don’t worry vegetarians, there’s a section of the menu with egg and dairy as well!

4. Garnett’s Cafe

2001 Park Ave, Richmond, Virginia 23220
Facebook | Website | Twitter | Photo: Garnett’s Cafe FB Page

Garnett’s is this adorable cafe with really good cakes and amazing grilled cheese.

5. Plant Zero Cafe

3 E 3rd street, Richmond, Virginia
Facebook | Website | Photo: Plant Zero FB Page

I owe Plant Zero Cafe an apology. I failed to discover them in time to put them on the pastry lists. They have wonderfully creative desserts and hot drinks like raspberry mocha and nutellate!

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