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1. Shenandoah Joe’s

Shen Joe

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Shenandoah Joe Coffee Roasters was established as a small batch coffee roaster in 1993 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Read more >>

fox meadow logoFox Meadow Winery
3310 Freezeland Road
Linden, VA 22642
(540) 636-6777
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fox3Event: Vertical Le Renard Rouge Cellar Tasting
Date: Nov 16, 2013 – Nov 17, 2013
Tasting Fee: $15/person for FOF Members and $20/person for the general public.
Reservations: Highly recommended.

1. Tazza Kitchen


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Tazza Kitchen marries the dynamic flavors and gracious hospitality of the Mediterranean coast and the Baja peninsula with seasonal ingredients found close to home. The cuisine is simple and fresh, highlighting a traditional cooking style and the quality of the ingredients. Read more >>

Breaux_Vineyards_logoBreaux Vineyards
36888 Breaux Vineyards Lane
Purcellville, VA 20132
(540) 668-6299
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Breaux Vineyards, located in Loudoun County, is one of the most desired destinations in Virginia for an elegant vineyard wedding. The 400 acre estate is home to some of the most beautiful views of rolling vines, and is sure to offer the most picturesque background for your most memorable events. Read more >>

It’s time to find out who bakes the best dough in CVille, RVA & DC. We spent weeks on this “taste test” at Scoutology, and this Top 17 list was one of the toughest we’ve compiled so far. So, without further ado, here are Scoutology’s TOP 17 PIZZA PARLORS in CVille, RVA & DC!

1. Matchbox in DC


Where else can you find a steak and bacon pizza, or the delicious breakfast pizza pictured above? Matchbox uses a wood burning masonry oven and fresh in-house ingredients.

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If you’re looking for a place to drink and get saucy with friends, Charlottesville has boku bars to choose from. At Scoutology, we LOVE to drink, pound beers and sip cocktails! As you can imagine, our team had a blast with this “taste test” (from what we can remember!)!!

So, without further adu, here are THE TOP 21 BARS IN CVILLE!!!

(1). Citizen Burger Bar


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Citizen Burger Bar is “The People’s Burger Bar!” At Citizen Burger Bar, they believe in good food, cold drinks and common ground. Citizen Burger Bar loves the simple things like kicking back with friends, tipping back beers and enjoying some fat, juicy burgers. Visit them on the CVille Downtown Mall and get ready to experience Scoutology’s “No. 1 Bar In Charlottesville, Va!” Read more >>

Sure, our team at Scoutology is 12 pounds heavier after all these tasty sammies. Hey, it’s one of the drawbacks of the job, but we’re all living large (literally, not figuratively)!

Let’s get straight to it: Scoutology’s Top 14 Sandwich Shops in CVille, RVA & DC!!!

(1). Taylor Gourmet in DC


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Taylor Gourmet use the best ingredients: the perfect roll; salamis, prosciuttos, cheeses, handmade meatballs; roasted turkey, beef and pork. In doing so, they bring you the best possible hoagie! Taylor Gourmet is proud to be Scoutology’s No. 1 Sandwich shop in CVille, RVA & DC. Read more >>

It’s time to get down to business. We’ve rated all these cities individually, but which trucks are the best overall?

(1). Red Hook Lobster Pound


Each day, Red Hook Lobster Pound, DC serves up lunch to hundreds of Washingtonians — providing a taste of Maine that everyone enjoys.

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Everybody loves a great doughnut, especially when they’re made by your neighborhood doughnut shop! After some serious taste-testing, we named THE 9 BEST DOUGHNUT SHOPS in CVille, Richmond and DC. Enjoy!

Top 3 In Charlottesville



Spudnuts are so good, they don’t need a website, Facebook page or Twitter account! Get here early because this shop closes when it sells out of Spudnuts! We suggest the blueberry Spudnuts! Read more >>

Not only are these guys “The Face of The Franchise” at their respective restaurants, they also embody the kind of swag you see in a Jay-Z video. Yep, these dudes know clothes like Halsey Minor knows mortgage default. So, without further ado, here are Scoutology’s “Top 5 Best Dressed Restaurant Owners (Male)!”

1. Michael Lewis, Mono Loco Restaurant + Poco Loco

Restaurant Owner No. 1 Michael Lewis
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Accessories are the name of the game for Michael Lewis. Whether he’s wearing a ball cap, pimp-daddy sunglasses, multi-colored sweatbands or dishing out his famous Mono Loco stickers, you know Michael is living the baller lifestyle! Read more >>


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