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Chef Spotlight: Harrison Keevil, Brookville Restaurant


Brookville 1-2Harrison Keevil 5Brookville Restaurant
225 W Main St.
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
(434) 202-2791
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Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Harrison Keevil was surrounded by women who passed along their love and talent for cooking to him at an early age. His mother and aunt, who once worked at Gourmetmagazine, spent hours in the kitchen creating elaborate spreads for their friends and family while Harrison observed and occasionally chopped onions. At the age of twelve years old, his mother introduced him to the grill and taught him the basics about meat temperatures and grilling techniques. Cooking remained a hobby for Harrison throughout college at the University of Virginia, where he treated his friends and fellow fraternity brothers to his culinary creations.

Upon returning to the States, Harrison enrolled in the French Culinary Institute to begin his path to becoming a chef. From there, he headed west to San Francisco where he accepted a job as a line cook at Mitch and Steven Rosenthall’s Town Hall restaurant. The chef at the time, Eric Markoff, introduced Harrison to Cajun/Creole cooking as well as the importance of using fresh, quality ingredients. Keep Reading

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